Mail Delays Possible As Postal Carriers Try To Make It Through The Snow

This weekend's blizzard may delay some mail and package deliveries from the U.S. Postal Service.

Video Transcript

- It's not a holiday, but many people never got their mail today.

- Certainly, one of those rare times. The conditions are so bad, the postal carriers couldn't make their rounds. CBS 4's Rick Sallinger, live from a Denver post office right now. Boy, Rick, you know, it's bad when those intrepid folks can't do their jobs.

RICK SALLINGER: That's right, Jim. Postal Service workers tell us, this is the first time in recent memory they can remember something to this scale, and here's the reason why. The trucks are all snowed in. So if somebody tells you, the check is in the mail, this time, it might be true.

For a long known symbol of reliability, this was a snow day. Delivery in mailboxes with sparse, if at all, in most areas. Just about all post offices were closed. Here in Lakewood, this was open for a while. There, we found people in search of a badly needed postmark.

Why did you come here today?

RICHARD FLEENOR: To file my taxes with the Department of Revenue.

- The Postal Service cited closed roads and unsafe delivery conditions as the reason for the stoppage.

What about that saying, through rain, snow, sleet, or hail, the mail must go through?

JIM BOXRUD: Yeah, and we do have some amazing employees that made it in today. And they're hitting the main roads, wherever the roads are open. They're making those deliveries, but that's not going to happen everywhere.

- To be fair, the Postal Service is far from alone. Amazon trucks were spotted from the air, stranded in the snow, and, of course, school buses were sidelined, providing snow days for some. People seem understanding.

THOMAS DOUGLAS: I think it's important to be able to receive our postage and everything on time, but you know, sometimes, there's extenuating circumstances. And I think this might have been a time.

- Some postal employees gave it their best, but on this day, the mail did not go through.

Don't worry. The Postal Service says, it should be back to normal delivery tomorrow, so those bills you've been waiting anxiously for should be arriving soon. Live in Denver, Rick Sallinger, covering Colorado first.