‘Our mailbox was in the ditch,’ deputies investigating after mailboxes damaged in Miami Co.

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Over a dozen mailboxes, as many as 18, were destroyed by vandals near Troy over the weekend, according to the Miami County Sheriff’s office. Residents are dealing with that and having trouble getting their mail.

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“I looked over and our mailbox was in the ditch,” Lisa Colebaugh told News Center 7′s Mike Campbell, they had just returned home from out of town.

Several boxes and spots were also spotted on the ground, along a two mile stretch State Route 55, east of Troy.

“We noticed my brother’s down the road was off as well,” said Steve Colebaugh. “We knew there was a problem.”

One sheriff’s deputy wrote in a police report that he counted 18 boxes with some type of damage.

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“You usually expect that sometimes around Halloween,” Lisa said. “Not really expecting that in the summer.”

Steve used zip ties as a temporary fix for keeping the box in place to receive mail, a replacement can cost between $40 and $100.

“That’s a lot of money for some people,” he said. “A lot of people on this road are on fixed income, may not be able to afford mailboxes.”

Lisa told Campbell they got a delivery of correspondence explaining why the mail was not delivered Monday.

Miami County deputies found more than a dozen boxes damaged in some way Monday and are doing a initial investigation. Postal inspectors will also be a part of the investigation because damaging a mailbox can be considered a federal crime.