Mainline Pharmacy Group Set To Begin Vaccinating Frontline Workers

Hundreds living in Westmoreland, Indiana and other counties received their first and in some cases second COVID-19 vaccines today. It's part of an effort by a pharmacy to get shots in arms, especially a specific group; KDKA's Ross Guidotti reports.

Video Transcript

- Hundreds of people in Westmoreland, Indiana, and other counties received their COVID shots today. Ross Guidotti says it's a part of an effort by a pharmacy to administer more shots, especially to a specific group. Ross.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: Yeah, the state announcing vaccine eligibility for what they call targeted frontline workers and first responders. Steve Pope, of Mainline Pharmacy, is a very busy man.

STEVEN POPE: It's almost lunchtime, and we're already over 700 for the day.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: Pope headed up the efforts by Mainline Pharmacy to get shots in arms at St. Barbara's Catholic Church in Harrison City.

STEVEN POPE: So we have 1,478 registered today.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: In addition to those already eligible in Group 1A, the state announced a new group that can get the potentially life-saving shot.

STEVEN POPE: That's the first responders group.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: Which would include law enforcement, firefighters, grocery and supermarket workers, food and agricultural workers, including farm workers, farm operators, and farm managers.

KATE FAFIN: It's a huge relief. Especially when you're out in the public, you know that you're helping out your community.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: Kate Fafin works in food service. Julie Arizo, of Irwin, also got the shot today.

- It's nice knowing that I'm safe while I'm treating people.

STEVEN POPE: Any time we can grow the load of who we can vaccinate, that's what we want to do.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: For sure. Keep in mind this isn't just for those who are frontline workers and first responders in that targeted group. This is for everybody in the 1A section as well. If you want more information about getting this vaccine, check out, this story, in the links and numbers section.

Reporting live in Greensburg, Ross Guidotti, KDKA News.