Major Fire At Addison Apartment Complex

Multiple apartment units are on fire in Addison Monday evening. It's happening near the Dallas N. Tollway and Arapaho.

Video Transcript

- Welcome back. Breaking news on CBS 11 News at 6 o'clock, and exactly something we do not want to report on. But look at what is unfolding in the town of Addison right now. Apartment building, clearly, raging fire going on. We have multiple units. I count 1, 2, 3, at least 4 engines shooting water onto the top of this thing. But extraordinary damage from fire that has broken out at an apartment building.

And this is right near Dallas North Tollway and Arapaho. Put it right near Addison Circle basically, if you know the area. On a day like today, I think, mostly sunny still as we head into the evening, so probably seen a lot of that smoke billowing up into the sky. But a very sizable apartment complex here, and at least two corners of it here are on fire. And then of course, we see smoke spreading. And it appears the fire would be spreading off to the left, to the units on the left side.

So thinking and praying for all those people who are going to be affected by this. Left their homes this morning, went about their business today, and probably off to work. And all of a sudden, this is what they'll be facing when they get home this afternoon or this evening. Any new information on that, we'll get it to you.

I have no injuries to report at the moment. No other information other than they are fighting hard in the town of Addison with their fire department. And we've got four ladders at least throwing water on top of this thing. We'll keep you updated.