Major Highway 99 Closure Expected To Bring Major Traffic Delays In Sacramento

A major Highway 99 closure is expected to cause a major nightmare when it comes to traffic this weekend.

Video Transcript

- Now to a major road closure, expected to cause a traffic nightmare for drivers in Sacramento. Crews plan to shut down Highway 99 for four days between 47th Avenue and the 50 interchange. Well the area is a major artery, and with more people hitting the road with loosened COVID restrictions, there's concern.

- CBS13's Rachel Wulff with a warning from Caltrans.

RACHEL WULFF: John Sampley is a handyman who works in and around South Sacramento.

JOHN SAMPLEY: I'm trying to fix the fence here.

RACHEL WULFF: After hearing Highway 99 will be shut down for four days, he's not looking forward to all the congestion.

JOHN SAMPLEY: I have no choice, you know. Worse comes to worse, you got to do it.

- We have to put up with the noise. It's going to start pretty soon.

RACHEL WULFF: The closure will take place between 47th Avenue and the Highway 50 interchange, from 8:00 PM Friday, June 11th, until 4:00 AM Wednesday, June 16th, so crews can replace a bridge deck.

AMARJEET BENIPAL: The existing bridge on Highway 99 to 21st Avenue under-crossing has deteriorated to the point that the deck has to be replaced.

RACHEL WULFF: Caltrans says it's part of a nearly $6 million project, needed after six decades. Until work is done the designated detour is I-5. Construction will cease there, and along Route 50 during the shutdown.

AMARJEET BENIPAL: But keep in mind, there is going to be plenty of company on that road during that period.

RACHEL WULFF: It's expected instead of taking I-5, many people will cut through on city streets and it's likely to get congested, and City Police will be there to monitor it all.

- We'll be looking for people who aren't obeying the law. We're also going to have our freeways service patrol, which is a free service, for people that actually break down if they're stuck in traffic. They will be working 24 hours a day providing services.

RACHEL WULFF: Police getting the word out and Caltrans as well, asking people to look for alternatives to avoid the area and all the traffic that is expected.

AMARJEET BENIPAL: Alternative options such as a tele-work, telemedicine. Plan your trips before you actually have the closure to deal with, such as going grocery shopping, running to Home Depot and things of that nature.

- Sacramento Regional Transit will give free rides on the light rail during the closure.