Major immigration reform heads to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk

The governor is getting his sweeping immigration reform package. House Republicans gavel final legislative approval to the bill, Tuesday. That’s despite wide opposition from Democrats. Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the policy goal back in February. While it doesn’t go as far as he wanted — there is still a lot in it. Among the provisions... Higher penalties for those knowingly transporting or hiring undocumented. Required e-verify screening for new hires if a business has 25 or more employees. It invalidates law degrees and out-of-state driver's licenses for undocumented. Requires hospitals to collect immigration status. Plus— $12 million more tax dollars for the state’s migrant relocation program. The bill was personal for one of its House sponsors. Rep. Kiyan Michael (R-Jacksonville) lost her son during a traffic collision with an undocumented driver. She said the passage was bittersweet.