Major Key Alert! DJ Khaled talks his latest album, Snapchat and Beyoncé

Katie Couric
Global Anchor

By Kelli Hill and Kaye Foley

DJ Khaled — music producer and Snapchat superstar — knows the keys to success. He sat down with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric to share some of those as well as his signature words of wisdom. He also spoke about his latest album, touring with Beyoncé and his huge social media following.

“My best work to date,” Khaled told Couric about Major Key, his ninth studio album featuring some of hip-hop’s biggest stars including Jay Z, Future and Kendrick Lamar. “And the fans spoke and they say the same thing. … And that’s why it’s the No. 1 album in the country.”

On touring with Beyoncé

Earlier this year, Khaled toured with Beyoncé on her Formation tour. The hip-hop star admits he found himself a little nervous around Queen Bey. “I get star-struck when I’m around her,” he said, “I just make my conversations very on point, focused, clear and, you know, exit as fast as possible to get everything on point. Because she got love for me, obviously, ’cause she put me on her tour. I just don’t wanna mess nothin’ up.” Khaled evidently didn’t mess anything up because he’s joining Beyoncé for a few more tour dates this fall.

On Snapchat fame

Khaled has been making hits for more than a decade, but his fan base blew up since he joined Snapchat last October. He entertains and motivates followers with daily affirmations and keys to success. For example: Drink lots of water. His personal mottos like “bless up,” “another one,” and “don’t ever play yourself” have also become part of the popular vernacular.

On Donald Trump and the 2016 election

When asked about the 2016 presidential election and the Republican nominee Donald Trump, Khaled said, “I’m not votin’ for him. No. Definitely not voting for him. The key is to vote because we need a vote to put the people in power that we want to represent us. So I’m definitely gonna vote for Hillary.”

On Co-hosting the VMA pre-show 

This Sunday, Khaled will add host to his already impressive résumé when he co-hosts the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show. “I’ve always been a fan of the VMAs, and I’ve always worked hard just to get a ticket to go to the VMAs. I could never a ticket.” He added. “I wanna thank MTV and the VMAs for choosing me to be a part of the show, because on this show if you not an icon or upcomin’ icon, you’re not on the show, you know?”