The Majority of Chinese Men Don't Like the Way Their Skin Looks, Study Finds

In China, more and more urban men are becoming concerned with the appearance of their skin.

To no one’s surprise, American men are becoming increasingly preoccupied with their grooming habits, particularly when it comes to skincare. But they’re not the only ones.

In an article published by WWD, we learn about a recent study that discovered guys in China are also demonstrating a growing concern about the appearance of their skin. In fact, about two-thirds of Chinese men say they are dissatisfied with the way it looks, claiming blocked or enlarged pores are their primary worry.

The report, titled “Facial Care – Women vs. Men China 2015,” was assembled by Shanghai-based market research company Mintel, which surveyed over 3,000 men and women online. The company found that about 50 percent of the guys in Chinese cities use facial cleansers on a regularly basis, compared to 72 percent among women. Though the gap isn’t shocking, it has greatly decreased over the years, leading many beauty companies to set their eyes on the male demographic.

“Usage by females in all categories is much higher than among male users,” Wenwen Chen, senior beauty research analyst at Mintel, told WWD. “On one side, this demonstrates the high level of engagement in skincare rituals of Chinese women; on the other side, it offers great opportunity for continuous growth in the male grooming market.”

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