MAKERS@ is our partnership program to connect and inspire executives at the forefront of equity initiatives, impacting real change at work and beyond. As part of MAKERS@, partners receive a seat on the Board of Directors, tickets to the conference and special events, and access to a full slate of benefits. Our goals are to create bonds between board members, share new practices and action plans on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and shine a spotlight on how partners support and celebrate women. Current MAKERS@ partner companies include lululemon, Google, P&G, Hilton, McKinsey & Company, Bloomberg, PayPal, Omnicom, Hanover Insurance Group, Netflix, iHeart Media, Morgan Stanley and more. For a full list of MAKERS@ Partners, click here.

Learn more about our MAKERS@ Board of Directors pledges here.

Please contact for details on the MAKERS@ program and learn how your company can participate.

Video Transcript

- Let the work begin ladies!


LYBRA CLEMONS: There's something about the MAKERS movement that I have not seen from a collective organization.

TIFFANY R. WARREN: MAKERS@ has injected this sense of confidence because I sit on a board with all these amazing women. That has been one of the most rewarding seats that I've had at any table.

LORI BONGIORNO: This is how you transform and accelerate equity in the workplace.


LAUREN ZIADIE: MAKERS has become an incredibly special tradition for us.

MAGDA YRIZARRY: It is very multicultural. It is intergenerational. People from all different backgrounds have a voice here.

MEERA KRISHNAMURTHY: By being a board member I can be in a network that, really is going to force and drive change.

KATIE JURAN: It's creating an organic ripple effect through all of our senior leadership.

IJE-ENU UDEZE NWOSU: How can you be around this group of women and not get hyped?


CELESTE BURGOYNE: I can't tell you enough how this partnership with MAKERS is really important to us as an organization.

GAYLE TROBERMAN: I love that MAKERS keeps me honest as a human, and I think it keeps us, at iHeart, honest as a company.

WILLIE JACKSON: There's always something that we can do that opens the door wider for other people.

MARC PRITCHARD: The only way to get equality is for men and women to work together.

ABBY WAMBACH: You have countless people that you've touched and moved along the way, and that is changing the world.

S. KENNEDY HILL-GARCIA: If we can inspire one person, we can certainly inspire one organization.

SHANNON SCHUYLER: Destroying the barriers and changing the system, not just for one person but for everyone.


KIMBERLÉ CRENSHAW: The final chapter is yet to be written, and it is ours to write.

MJ RODRIGUEZ: That's why we push so hard. That's why we fight so hard.

JOANNA BARSH: Because this is about talent rising, this is about you!

TERRY CREWS: This is all of us!


CROWD: ¡Si se puede!

DYLLAN MCGEE: Now go change the world! [MUSIC PLAYING]

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