Malachy the Pekinese Faces Backlash After Best in Show Win

Malachy the Pekinese Faces Backlash After Best in Show Win

Perhaps the greatest badge of honor for a dog is to be awarded the grand prize of dog-hood, Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Tell that to some folks on the Internet who apparently can't stand this year's winner. Malachy, the Pekinese who ran off with that honor to the pride of his owner and the grave disappointment of many, bested "a German shepherd, a Dalmatian, a Kerry blue terrier, a Doberman pinscher, a wire-haired dachshund and an Irish setter" for, among other reasons, his "spotless demeanor." That's something the Internet commenters bent on destroying Malachy could learn from. 

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A sampling of the many people pissed -- for reasons ranging from aesthetics to functionality to a dash of xenophobia -- about Malachy's win:

If you shaved a Pekinese it would be a dead ringer for the parasite in Shivers. #Westminsterdogshow

— Matt Sigl (@mattsigl) February 13, 2012

The Pekinese has won the day.I really don't know what to say.It looked like a waddling ball of hay.With coffee I will survive.

— Debbie Quigg (@stopherknitting) February 15, 2012

"That dog is a genetic mutant." —New York Times commenter, Lou

The Pekinese?WTF? She looks like Snooki.#Westminster

— Author Kevin Flynn (@kevinpflynn) February 15, 2012

" A caterpillar on steroids. Creepy." —New York Times commenter, Bob

The Pekinese is going back to the bar in STARWARS when he's done here.

— Paula Poundstone (@paulapoundstone) February 14, 2012

Fitting in these times - a dog created for Chinese elites is America's top dog - Pekingese wins Westminster

— Ed Frank (@frankstrategies) February 15, 2012

A Pekingese is the result of the mating of a tufted titmouse and a maggot.

— geneweingarten (@geneweingarten) February 15, 2012

"All our self-loathing, insecurity and need to control wrapped in non-functional fur. Bring back real dogs that work and play and protect. This mutt should be called Bonfire of the Vanities."  —New York Times commenter, j24

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And some are just incredulous:

PEKINESE? How could they?

— Judith Bishop (@JudithBishop) February 15, 2012

Fortunately from what we know of Malachy, he will take any nastiness in stride. According to his owner, “He’s a very happy dog," and also "a little more mature this year," reports Richard Sandomir in the New York Times. Malachy is now retiring, and will chase squirrels, be pampered, and, with any luck, learn to bark "Haters gonna hate." Take that, mean Internet commenters. 

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