Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Was Trending As A 'Male Karen,' And Twitter Was Lovin' It

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Greg Kelly, a host on the far-right Newsmax channel, had a meltdown for not being able to order a Filet-O-Fish sandwich at McDonald’s on Thursday, complaining that employees called him a “male Karen” for demanding to see the manager.

“I just went to a MACDONALD’S and there was no MCFISH on the menu,” Kelly lamented in a Twitter post full of spelling, punctuation and factual errors.

“When the hell did that happen? Is it permanently banned? Or is just my ‘local’ MACDONALD’S. I demanded to see the ‘manager’ but they accused me of being a ‘MALE KAREN’ so i walked out.”

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

Social media users immediately mocked the anchor, who had baselessly blamed antifa and “outside infiltrators” for the Capitol insurrection fueled by pro-Trump extremists, for trying to order a sandwich that does not actually exist.

On the off chance that Kelly’s whole tweet was a joke ― uh, good one?

But no kooky conspiracy theories here. Just Twitter glee over his tweet.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.