Malibu's Bottled Strawberry Spritz Is The Only Way To Celebrate The Last Days Before Fall

Sarah Weinberg
Photo credit: Malibu

From Delish

You have moved the Halloween decorations from the really high shelf in the garage to the one that's a little more eye level. You have unpacked your lighter scarves from their summer hiding spot. You have confirmed that your Starbucks Rewards account is still active and ready for an influx of PSL purchases. You are ready for fall. But, lest you get ahead of yourself, please let me remind you that the unofficial goodbye to summer isn't for another two weeks, on Labor Day. And the official goodbye to summer isn't for more than a month. Savor these last warm weeks, for you'll be wishing for them when the seventeenth blizzard comes to pound your town.

But how can I savor summer, you ask? Booze, I answer—sweet, bubbly, rum-filled booze. Malibu quietly dropped a bottled Strawberry Spritz that's all those things. It's got rum (duh), strawberry (double duh), and coconut flavors. As Malibu states on its site: "Simply pop the top and pour over ice." Eeeeasy.

Not so easy? Getting your hands on some. Yahhh, sorry about leaving that eensy weensy detail out at first. This stuff's a U.K.-only specialty. If that's not where you're based (or where you've got plans to travel over the next several weeks), you've got some options. One. you could enlist any friends or family from across the pond to buy you a case and ship 'em. Two, you could try to copycat the recipe at home.

You guys, this is more or less a strawberry daiquiri, plus a little coconut. We gotchyu: Find the recipe here. Enjoy your last warm days for a while!

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