Maloney says Biden ‘on the way back and so are House Democrats’

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Rep. Sean Maloney (D-N.Y.) on Sunday said President Biden and House Democrats are “on the way back” after several legislative victories in the past month.

Maloney, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), told “Fox News Sunday” anchor Mike Emanuel that passing the climate, tax and healthcare Inflation Reduction Act, as well as a bipartisan gun control bill and expanded healthcare for military veterans, were impactful accomplishments.

“That’s the kind of agenda that we’re standing in support of and you see it working in the polls,” he said. “The president is on the way back and so are House Democrats.”

Maloney said Democrats are ready to stand with the president and campaign with him to tout these legislative victories. He also promised that “celebrations” were on the way.

Democrats appear to be gaining ground ahead of the November midterm elections after winning a special bellwether election in New York and a competitive Alaska House race.

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report this week shifted five more seats in favor of Democrats, and revised down their November forecast from Republicans winning 15 to 30 seats to winning 10 to 20 seats.

The major Democratic spending package passed last month imposed a minimum tax on the biggest corporations, capped prices on prescription drugs through Medicare and allocated $369 billion to fighting climate change, the largest such investment ever.

Democrats have also enacted a law seeking to boost the U.S. semiconductor industry to make it more competitive with China.

The victories have propped up Biden’s job approval rating with Americans to 40 percent after the president had lingered in the 30 percent range for months.

“You better believe Democrats are going to celebrate that. So are the voters,” Maloney said of the successes on “Fox News Sunday.”

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