Mammoth Cave National Park excitedly reveals 'longest cave in the world is now even longer'

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The Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky now has a known length of 420 miles.
The Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky now has a known length of 420 miles.

Kentucky's Mammoth Cave was already the longest cave system in the world.

"THE LONGEST CAVE IN THE WORLD IS NOW EVEN LONGER!!!" Mammoth Cave National Park announced on Facebook over the weekend.

An additional 8 miles of passages were mapped and explored by the nonprofit Cave Research Foundation, according to the park, which has worked with foundation volunteers for years to document newly discovered areas of Mammoth Cave.

The cave system's known length now stands at 420 miles, and the park says "there is no end in sight."

Visitors can take various tours of Mammoth Cave for a fee or explore on their own above ground through the park's Beneath Your Feet program of curated trails.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Mammoth Cave adds 8 newly mapped miles to its already record length

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