Man, 23, Shot Multiple Times At Large Gathering In South LA

A night of fun ended in gunfire when one person was shot inside a private party in South Los Angeles.

Video Transcript

- A shooting investigation after a gunman opens fire at a party. One person injured after being hit multiple times.

- That's right. That party happened outside of-- or inside of a warehouse just after 1:00 o'clock in the morning.

- Yeah, and the search continues for that gunman. It happened in South LA on West 135th street. Dozens of partygoers inside. CBS 2'S Joy Benedict has the latest on this investigation.

- (SINGING) Yeah, turn that up.

JOY BENEDICT: It's a high-end event space for music videos, private parties, and more. But Saturday morning, this studio in south LA became the scene of a real-life shooting.

LUIS SALCEDO: [INAUDIBLE] probably eight or nine shots.

JOY BENEDICT: Luis Salcedo lives in an RV in this neighborhood full of warehouses. He says the gunfire was surprising and scary.

LUIS SALCEDO: Nothing happens right here. It's really quiet. You know, and every Friday, they'd have a little get together. And that's it.

JOY BENEDICT: But just after 1:00 in the morning, the LAPD says it got a call of a shooting inside. 10 rounds were fired. And one man was shot three times.

LUIS SALCEDO: For that to happen, it's kind of ridiculous.

JOY BENEDICT: Officers with the LAPD say they were surprised too as they've never had any issues here. But they say the event space, L'Cheriyve, was rented out for a private party that attracted more than 50 people. Detectives believe the victim was targeted, not the venue. But the event left the 23-year-old man from Pasadena shot numerous times. Thankfully, he is expected to survive.

Investigators say they are hopeful they'll be able to figure out who the shooter is simply because this facility has so many security cameras inside and out that will give them a clearer picture of exactly what happened.

LUIS SALCEDO: I was coming around the corner from over here. And behind me, and I seen the car take off. And that was it. [INAUDIBLE] blue car, that's all I remember, was the blue sedan.

JOY BENEDICT: But, of course, with yet another large gathering in the middle of a pandemic, there are even more questions about what's allowed and what isn't at a private facility.

LUIS SALCEDO: Once in a while, you want to have a drink, you want to go with your friends and gather up, fine. But keep it at a low key, you know? Keep it at a low minimum, you know? Get all excited. Get drunk. [INAUDIBLE] That's not going to get you nowhere but behind bar or dead.

JOY BENEDICT: Because, as events go underground, investigators fear safety isn't always a priority, not only when it comes to violence, but a deadly virus, as well. Joy Benedict CBS 2 News.

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