Man Accused Aaron Donald Of Assault

A Pittsburgh attorney says he and his client have filed a police report against Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald for an alleged assault. KDKA's Andy Sheehan has more.

Video Transcript

- Were you assaulted, sir?


STACY SMITH: A man with a black eye. He claims it came from Aaron Donald at a club on the South Side. It is the same Aaron Donald who is an NFL star and who has been celebrated for his work on and off the field from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles.

KYM GABLE: This story has been the talk on social media all day long. Many people talking about this photo tweeted by our Andy Sheehan of De Vincent Spriggs and the injuries to his face. Andy spent the day speaking with Spriggs attorney after breaking the story and trying to get a response from Donald.

STACY SMITH: Andy joins us live now with the latest on this case. Andy.

ANDY SHEEHAN: Well Stacey, that man says that Aaron Donald assaulted him causing severe injuries. He has filed a complaint here at Zone 3 and he is asking for a criminal investigation. His arm in a sling, his right eye swollen shut, and stitches visible above it. 26-year-old De Vincent Spriggs came to the Zone 3 police station here in Allentown to swear out a complaint against Aaron Donald, alleging the NFL star beat him at a South Side after hours club early Sunday morning. His attorney, Todd Hollis, is seeking possible criminal charges.

TODD HOLLIS: As you can see, Mr. Spriggs was assaulted severely. So these are very serious charges. Very serious injuries that he suffered. And we want to give the obviously the police an opportunity to do their own investigation regarding what we believe to be an alleged criminal matter.

ANDY SHEEHAN: According to attorney Hollis, the incident happened between 3:00 and 4:00 AM, upstairs from this bar, at an after hours club the locals call the Boom Boom Room. There's no signage on the window and my attempts to reach the owners were not successful. Hollis said Spriggs is from out of state visiting but would not say from where nor would he describe the altercation or what led up to it, saying all is now a police matter.

TODD HOLLIS: Essentially present our facts to the police. We're going to give them an opportunity to investigate the matter. And if sometime thereafter we'll make a statement.

ANDY SHEEHAN: Later in a statement. Pittsburgh police indicated that plainclothes detectives will be investigating quote, "They are reviewing the complaint and consulting with the District Attorney's office which will determine whether charges are warranted against the accused individual." Donald could not be reached but the LA Rams issued this statement quote, "We are aware of reports regarding Aaron Donald. We are collecting more information and will have no further comment at this time."

Due to Donald stature in professional football, the case has already drawn national interest. He is a superstar defensive tackle for the Rams, who was named the NFL's player of the year this year for the third time. A graduate of Penn Hills High School, he was a defensive standout at the University of Pittsburgh, where he was named an All-American.

Though he now lives in LA, Donald returns here often and is actively involved with the community. Two years ago he gave Pitt a hefty donation and founded the AD-99 solutions foundation, with the expressed aim of helping Pittsburgh's disadvantaged youth. An image that doesn't square with an alleged assault.

TODD HOLLIS: His eyes closed, 16 stitches in his eye, and a concussion and other injuries that he suffered. That this is a severe incident.

ANDY SHEEHAN: At this point police say they are reviewing the complaint but police sources tell me over the next few days they will attempt to interview Aaron Donald and reconstruct what exactly happened at that after hours club early Sunday morning. Reporting live in Allentown. Andy Sheehan. KDKA News.