Man Accused Of Attacking Woman In Marlboro Appears In Court

Prosecutors says the 40-year-old woman was pulled from behind and thrown to the ground by John Parker. WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

Video Transcript

- Police say that the man in these surveillance pictures grabbed a woman on a Marlboro running trail from behind and pulled her to the ground. Tonight, he is behind bars. Today in court, prosecutors revealed what the suspect allegedly said to the woman during this assault. WBZ's Mike LaCrosse has this story.

- Jonathan Parker.

MIKE LACROSSE: 35-year-old Jonathan Parker enters a not guilty plea during his arraignment Tuesday morning in Marlboro district court. He's accused of attacking a woman who was walking on the Assabet River Rail Trail Monday morning.

BEN WOOLF: He was grabbing at her leggings in what she believes was an attempt to remove them and then sexually assault her.

MIKE LACROSSE: Prosecutors say the 40-year-old woman was pulled from behind and thrown to the ground.

BEN WOOLF: She indicated to the police that he told her to shut up, and he struck her in the face several times.

MIKE LACROSSE: According to prosecutors, the victim was able to get cell phone video of the suspect running away.

- I commend her. I mean, sounds like she really did all the right things, and, you know, my heart goes out to her.

MIKE LACROSSE: Marlboro police posted the video from the victim and surveillance pictures of the suspect, and he was arrested Monday night. He's charged with assault to rape and assault and battery.

- Courage. I heard how she had fought him off and managed to get a picture of him, so that helped.

MIKE LACROSSE: People who use the trail are glad an arrest was made and hope it's an isolated incident.

- Never in my life I think something like this would happen.

MIKE LACROSSE: Parker is being held until a dangerousness hearing, which is set for Friday. Reporting from Marlboro, I'm Mike LaCrosse, "WBZ News".