Man accused of causing lockdown at Farmington school after a series of burglaries, robbery

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FARMINGTON — A Farmington elementary school went into lockdown Nov. 30 after a man walked toward the school with a CO2 rifle. That man was identified as a suspect in a bizarre series of burglaries, assaults and a robbery at nearby retail stores.

The suspect is accused of pointing the air rifle at a Staples employee and demanding several cans of compressed air, according to court documents, as well as stealing from a hardware store, assaulting a supermarket security guard and turning over shelves in an E. Main Street dollar store.

Titus Largo, 21, of Farmington, faces 12 charges including five felonies for robbery, aggravated assault and non-residential burglary, according to the criminal complaint.

The San Juan County District Attorney’s Office on Dec. 2 filed a motion to keep Largo in jail without bond. A hearing on the motion is set for Dec. 9 in Aztec District Court.

He remains incarcerated at the San Juan County Adult Detention Center on the morning of Dec. 3. The defendant did not have legal representation on the morning of Dec. 3, according to criminal complaint.

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Largo is accused of the following charges at the businesses:

  • Two felony counts of aggravated assault, petty misdemeanor counts of shoplifting, battery and criminal damage to property at the Safeway grocery store at 3540 E. Main St.

  • Petty misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and shoplifting at the Dollar General store at 3030 E. Main St.

  • A felony count of burglary at Ace Hardware at 3030 E. Main St.

  • Felony counts of burglary and robbery along with a petty misdemeanor count of assault at Staples at 3030 E. Main St.

Two sets of court documents filed against the defendant detail the sequence of events on Nov. 30.

Largo is accused of walking to the Safeway grocery store and shoplifting a bottle of alcohol. When confronted by a security guard, Largo allegedly threw the bottle at her, which missed striking her.

The defendant is then accused of throwing a lit cigarette at the guard, which struck her on the right side of her face.

He is then accused of showing up at the Dollar General, where an employee told police Largo stole about five to 10 packs of cigarettes, according to the probable cause statement.

Court documents say Largo then entered the Ace Hardware store and walked through the store holding a “CO2 rifle,” demanding to be taken to where they kept the guns, according to court documents.

The defendant is accused of breaking a locked glass door and taking two BB guns, and then fleeing the store.

According to the narrative in the court documents, Largo then returned to the Dollar General, where he is accused of disorderly conduct for allegedly knocking several items off a counter and knocking over store shelves.

The defendant's final stop, court documents say, was the Staples office supply store, where he allegedly pointed a CO2 rifle at an employee and demanded access to the cans of compressed air.

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After the employee led him to a locked area where the products are stored, Largo is accused of shoplifting multiple cans of compressed air.

Officers located Largo after he left Staples, spotting him by the U-Haul storage business at 3000 E. Main St. that used to be the old Kmart.

Largo was walking toward Animas Elementary School at 1612 N. Hutton Ave. while carrying the CO2 rifle, police said in the documents.

The school was placed into a lockdown and multiple students were evacuated from the playground as Largo approached the school.

At least three tasers were deployed to detain Largo after he allegedly refused instructions from officers to surrender but the tasers failed to connect with the defendant's skin.

A police canine took Largo down to the ground by grabbing his backpack.

Largo declined to speak to officers.

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