Man accused of felony theft for unreturned U-Haul truck

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May 10—WASECA — A man faces a felony theft charge in Waseca County after being accused of not returning a leased U-Haul truck.

Keith Douglas Haskell, 61, of Austin, was charged Monday in Waseca County District Court.

A criminal complaint states a Waseca police officer spoke to a U-Haul field manager on Oct. 6, with the field manager reporting that Haskell hadn't brought back a U-Haul truck by the specified return date.

Haskell leased the U-Haul in 2019 and it was reportedly long past due by the time the field manager reported it to police, leading to a stolen vehicle report being filed.

The field manager provided police with a letter he sent to Haskell's last known business address in Waseca instructing him to return the U-Haul. He told police that the U-Haul had Arizona plates and decals on the side with the name of Haskell's business, "Automotive Detailing Professionals."

U-Haul valued the vehicle at $45,000.

The vehicle was towed and returned to U-Haul after being located in Freeborn County on Oct. 8, according to the complaint.

Haskell's first appearance in court is scheduled for June 8.

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