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Man Accused Of Impersonating Police, Which He Denies, Explains Altercation With Another Driver

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Jeremy, the owner of a funeral escort company in Florida, claims he has been wrongly accused of impersonating a police officer. He and his lawyer claim that during an arrest, Jeremy’s body cam footage was confiscated and law enforcement has used it to charge him. Watch the video above to see an encounter Jeremy had with another driver. How does he explain his behavior? Jeremy asked to take a polygraph to clear his name. On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, the results are revealed. Check local listings to see where you can watch “Polygraph Results Revealed: Is Jeremy Telling the Truth?” TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Need Dr. Phil to get real with someone?

Video Transcript

AMIR LADEN: The case that's kind of the wellspring of all of these charges is an allegation that Mr Dewitte crossed a double yellow line. As you know, he's equipped with video. Interestingly, the video of him was confiscated by law enforcement and then disappeared. As a result of seizing that video, they've now charged him with multiple cases, multiple counts, going back and looking through his videos to determine that he's a serial impersonator as they like to say.

DR PHIL MCGRAW: Well they found the video with your encounter with someone in a Porche.

JEREMY DEWITTE: Those interactions have nothing to do with the funeral escort whatsoever. There's no funeral escort whatsoever. We were done a long time before that. We were on our way back to the office when the gentleman almost hit us and then flipped us off and told us because we were nobodies he could drive the way he was and almost run me over. So what you don't see in that video was before that encounter even happened, we almost had a serious accident where then we're sitting a little bit away and I drive up to him and I say, hey that would be a road rage situation. I say to him, you almost hit me before changing your lanes. At no time were--

DR PHIL MCGRAW: Let's see how you chatted him up about that.

JEREMY DEWITTE: You must have missed that at 45 through there, and then you use the turning away to cut through traffic. I understand you're in a nice car and everything, but let's be a little more mature the way you drive. Let's drive the right way here.

- Are you-- are you a cop?

JEREMY DEWITTE: Don't worry about what I am because I'm a state agent. So what you need to do is make sure you're doing the right thing [BLEEP] boy. No, he ain't about that life. He's with that [bleep]. He ain't about that life.

- [bleep] boy?


- That's real nice.

JEREMY DEWITTE: Yeah, I know. The way you almost hit me, [bleep] boy is the way it's professional.

- You're not a cop.

JEREMY DEWITTE: You want to find--

- You're violating the [bleep] rules too.


- Don't even act like you're [bleep] stopping me.

JEREMY DEWITTE: I didn't pull you over. Did I make a traffic stop on you [bleep] boy. Yeah. You're lucky I don't get out. Come on. Let's go, bitch. Get out your [bleep] car, let's go. [bleep] go, come on, [bleep] boy. Get out. I'm calling you out bitch.

- Come on. Follow me, [bleep]. Come on. Follow me, [bleep].

JEREMY DEWITTE: That's what I thought.

- Let's go.

JEREMY DEWITTE: Get out any time. I got off my bike. OK. Where you want to go, right there? We go straight, bitch. Up like three foot flat


JEREMY DEWITTE: You ride a motorcycle, don't you? Somebody told me that you're an avid motorcycle rider, and you love motorcycles.


JEREMY DEWITTE: So let me ask you, have you ever been almost hit.

DR PHIL MCGRAW: I don't believe one end that way.

JEREMY DEWITTE: Have you ever been almost hit though for no reason because--

DR PHIL MCGRAW: Oh, I've been hit.

JEREMY DEWITTE: OK so have I, and I actually was in a coma and I actually flatlined. And then they brought me back and I had amnesia for months. And I was in a coma for a very long time. And so when I ride, especially when people are being disrespectful and they almost hit me-- granted I was in my uniform that day and I was doing my escorts before and I was moving on to go back to the office-- for somebody to almost cut me off and then hit me and not-- then flick me off and tell me he doesn't give a [bleep] who we are, that's not right. And I understand that I happen to be in my uniform at that time, but as you can see Dr. Phil in the reflection of his windows, at no time were my lights on, at no time did I use any kind of horn or siren or anything of that nature. I approached a gentleman, just like anyone else in an intersection that just almost caused an accident, and tell him hey you almost hit me. What are you doing? Why are you driving that way? Just like anyone else in the United States that gets in almost into an accident and they're pissed off because they're not driving professionally or properly.

DR PHIL MCGRAW: Up to the point where they say, I'm a state agent.

JEREMY DEWITTE: When he said, are you a police officer? I say, no.

DR PHIL MCGRAW: Which was your opportunity to clarify that and say no I am not. What I am is a pissed off citizen that you almost ran over.