Man accused of kidnapping North Carolina teen also contacted 10 juveniles in the same county, deputies say

New details have emerged about the intense, nationwide search for a Denton 14-year-old that ended with her making it home, an officer injured, and a suspect dead.

Video Transcript

- Thursday, February 11, Savannah's dad says goodbye to her as she starts remote learning. And he heads to work. About an hour and a half later, she logs off of virtual learning. But Savannah never shows up to pick her sister up from the bus stop.

- After she didn't pick up her-- her younger sibling at the bus stop, she was reported missing. And we got into action at that time.

- Around 4:30 Thursday evening, a Silver Alert is issued for Savannah. By Monday, it's upgraded to a national AMBER Alert. And as people here at home hold vigils and search parties praying for Savannah's safe return, authorities are working against the clock. Eventually all that work leads them to the name of their suspect.

- We identified an alias online and multiple online identifiers to designate this individual. It was a matter of identifying who in the real world this individual was.

- Then comes the waiting game.

- Following every single lead, waiting for an opportunity where he's made a mistake and give us an opportunity to locate him.

- It's just--

- Investigators say William Ice's mistake happened Saturday, February 20 when he stopped in Lonoke, Arkansas around 8:00 PM.

- I can't speculate on the reason why he stopped at Lonoke other than maybe to get something to eat at one of the restaurants.

- Officers in the area heard a description over dispatch radio of Ice's vehicle and that it may be disguised in a different color.

- And they checked a local McDonald's, saw a couple of Durangos there and got out with one of them. And as soon as they had gotten out, he started receiving gunfire.

- Leaving one Lone Oak officer injured, Ice gets back into his vehicle and onto a highway before crashing into a snowbank. Authorities say by this time, Savannah Childress emerges from Ice's car and into state trooper custody. Ice was found dead inside his vehicle from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Savannah is now finally back home.

- Transported back here to Davidson County. She went to the Dragonfly House Child Advocacy Center over in Davidson County for a full forensic interview and medical exam.