Man Accused Of Putting Hidden Camera In Bathroom At Youth Center

Virginia police arrested a Crafton man accused of putting a hidden camera in the bathroom at a youth center in Canonsburg.

Video Transcript

- There is information this evening that police in Virginia arrested a man from Crafton who was accused of putting a hidden camera in the bathroom at a youth center in Canonsburg.

- Amy Wadas talked with the district attorney's office and has the latest now on these accusations.

AMY WADAS: This is where the alleged crime happened at the Armory Youth Center in Canonsburg. The district attorney's office tells me Anthony Fletcher was arrested in Woodbridge, Virginia and is waiting to be extradited back to Washington County. This is 37-year-old Anthony Fletcher, a man familiar to the Armory Youth Center. The executive director says he didn't work or volunteer here but rented the facility. The center didn't even learn about the camera until the Washington County DA's office was contacted by the state police about an investigation out of Allegheny County,

JASON WALSH: They seized, I believe, approximately 30 electronic devices and are in the process of just starting to go through those electronic devices. I believe they found, you know, images and videos that occurred in Washington County. And so that's why they alerted us.

AMY WADAS: Investigators took the devices from Fletcher's home. They say the pictures and videos showed juvenile girls going into a bathroom, then taking their clothes off. And according to investigators, video even shows Fletcher setting the camera up. Police began investigating after Microsoft reported an unrelated child pornography image to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in early February.

Meantime, the superintendent with Canon McMillan school district confirms Fletcher was a volunteer for softball and football and finished out the season at the end of 2020. He says nothing has been reported as far as concerns in his role as a volunteer. The DA's office says it will continue to work on this case

JASON WALSH: The investigations is really in its infancy stages. I mean, there's a lot of material for the state police to go through. That's what they're going to do and obviously, if anything else comes up in Washington County, we will react as I'm sure any other County will.

AMY WADAS: The center tells me they are shocked and saddened by what allegedly happened here but will continue to serve the youth in this community with the highest moral standards. In Canonsburg, Amy Wadas, KDKA News.