Man accused of ramming into Dayton Police cruisers was wanted for gun charges

The man accused of ramming police cruisers during a chase in Dayton was arraigned Tuesday.

A judge set 39-year-old Scott Jarrett’s bond at $25,000 after entering not guilty pleas for him.

News Center 7 uncovered Jarrett had warrants for three different gun charges.

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On Jan. 30, Dayton officers tried to take Jarrett into custody. While Jarrett was pulled up to a gas pump on E. Third Street, several officers pulled up to both the front and back of Jarrett’s SUV and turned their emergency lights on.

Dash camera video shows Jarrett put his SUV in reverse and back into one of the cruisers behind him. He pulls forward slightly as officers throw stop sticks under his SUV, but then he reveres into the cruiser again.

After hitting the cruiser a second time, another Dayton officer rams his cruiser into the driver’s side of the SUV. As officers surround the sides of the SUV with their weapons drawn, Jarrett puts the SUV in drive and takes off between two gas pumps.

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A police chase ensues, and officers chase his SUV to a dead end, but then Jarrett takes off through someone’s front yard.

The chase continued to a dead end in the 2000 block of Webster Street and then onto the riverbank of the Great Miami River.

When he reached the railroad tracks, Jarrett threw his SUV in reverse again and rammed into a police cruiser. He then got out of the SUV and started to run. Body camera video shows a Dayton officer tasing Jarrett, causing him to fall and leading to him being taken into custody.

On Wednesday, Jarrett was indicted by a Montgomery County grand jury on one count each of felonious assault of a peace officer, failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer, obstructing official business, and resisting arrest, as well as four counts of vandalism.

Dayton police told News Center 7 that their initial arrest attempt is part of their ongoing efforts to get people accused of and involved in gun crimes off the street. They said his actions in response are why their efforts are so important.