Man, 21, applying for job finds out he never graduated high school

A student who did not actually clear requirements to graduate high school was accidentally given a diploma. (Credit: Getty Images)

After recently applying for a new job, a 21-year-old got some shocking news from his potential employer: that his high school diploma was given to him by mistake.

Nassir Islaam Harris received the accidental diploma from Shiloh High School, located in Snellville, Ga., in 2016. But according to Gwinnett County Public Schools, Harris did not clear the Gwinnett High School Gateway test, which is a requirement to graduate.

According to an interview with WSB-TV, Harris and his family did not know that his diploma was presented to him in error, and even have it “hung proudly by the mantle.”

"Right now, it feels like it's ridiculous," Harris told the TV station. "Right now, it feels like I have to go back to school again, but this time, high school."

His mother, Anita Harris, told WSB-TV, "This is not right, I'm not going to allow you to do my son this way." The family claimed that they never heard anything after Harris retook the test following the ceremony, and therefore assumed he passed the test and that there was nothing wrong.

In a statement provided to Yahoo Lifestyle, Gwinnett County Public Schools director of community relations Bernard Watson explained, “During Shiloh's graduation ceremony in 2016, this student was handed a diploma instead of a certificate in error.”

Watson clarified that while Harris retook the test after graduation, he did not pass it and has “yet to meet this local graduation requirement.”

His statement adds that “this student and his family were aware of his need to retake and pass the Gateway in order to graduate,” and therefore knew the diploma he got onstage was not valid to begin with.

School officials now intend to help Harris meet his requirements so that he can officially hold a valid diploma, according to Watson, who says they are working with him to schedule time for test prep and for retaking the test.

“In talking to the former student and his family, GCPS leaders have provided
information about classes available to help him prepare and dates for
upcoming retests,” the statement reads. “Our goal is to help this student so that he can meet all graduation requirements and have his transcript and diploma show that he is a Gwinnett graduate."

According to WSB-TV, Harris will still be able to begin his new job immediately, on the condition that he passes when he retakes the test.

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