Man Arrested, Accused Of Stealing Squad Car

A man is in custody after stealing a Prairie Island Police squad car and taking off in it, Erin Hassanzadeh reports (1:32). WCCO 4 News At 6 - March 19, 2021

Video Transcript

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: A man is in custody after stealing a Prairie Island Police squad car and taking off in it. It led to a chase in Goodhue County near Red Wing.

Erin Hassanzadeh shows us what she found at the scene.

ERIN HASSANZADEH: We are just outside of the Treasure Island Resort and Casino. And actually, in this field, right next to the Casino parking lot, is where all the commotion appears to have ended today.

From the air, in this sea of police vehicles you can see police arresting the 29-year-old suspect who stole a Prairie Island Police squad car.

This cell phone video from earlier in the day shows the moment the suspect hopped in and drove off, shortly after 10:00 Friday morning, leading officers on a chase.

- He's gonna go across the field there.

- Is there a rifle in that squad?

- Affirmative. It's locked in its case.

ERIN HASSANZADEH: At one point, scanner audio indicates the casino was locked down.

- We got a situation taking place out in the parking lot in front of the hotel. Need you to shut down the doors, nobody comes out of the hotel or the Event Center lobby.

ERIN HASSANZADEH: We saw damage to the Prairie Island Public Safety garage door. Scanner audio suggests the suspect may have rammed it.

- With his Ranger, it looks like he rammed our sally port door. It's damaged. I assume that was him when he left in his Ranger and came back.

ERIN HASSANZADEH: The chase ended in this Prairie Island Indian Reservation field that's used for parking. The battered squad car, airbags deployed, was eventually towed away. Police say two officers with minor injuries were treated at the scene.

Erin Hassanzadeh, WCCO 4 News.