Man arrested for allegedly climbing on boat in Myrtle Beach beached by Hurricane Ian

The Sun News file photo

A man was arrested for trespassing on a shrimp boat that was beached Friday in Myrtle Beach due to conditions brought on by Hurricane Ian, police said.

Issac Shaw, 50, was charged with disorderly conduct after getting on the boat while it was in the surf, said Tom Vest, a spokesman for the Myrtle Beach Police Department, according to WMBF-TV reported.

The shrimp trawler, named Shayna Michelle, washed ashore Friday after losing power the day the day before, according to a GoFundMe set up to help pay for the boat’s removal.

The boat is on the beach near Williams Street and Ocean Boulevard. Police quickly secured the boat with barricades until it can be safely removed.

Dozens of people stood near the barricades Sunday, drawn by the massive attraction. The boat is at least 40 feet long and has booms that stick out about 20 feet on either side.

Mark Kruea, a city spokesman, advised people to stay away from the trawler. Trying to climb on the boat is dangerous and can result in serious injury, he added.