Man Arrested On Arson Charges In Spaghetti And Steakhouse Restaurant Fire

Murrysville police say an arsonist destroyed the 50-year-old Spaghetti and Steakhouse restaurant on Route 22; KDKA's Paul Martino reports.

Video Transcript

- Murrysville Police say an arsonist destroyed a 50-year-old restaurant in Murrysville this weekend. Paul Martino explains how police arrested the suspect.

PAUL MARTINO: It was arson that destroyed this landmark restaurant here in Murrysville. Oddly enough, they found the suspect across the street, sleeping inside a vehicle at a car lot. The suspect is 43-year-old Brian Paul Lucas. Police say he was seen on surveillance video both inside and outside the spaghetti and steak house restaurant, early Saturday morning when the fire broke out. Police also say Lucas confessed to a fire that destroyed that popular restaurant.

They say they found him several hours later at a car lot across the highway from the restaurant. He was asleep in a car he's accused of breaking in to. Police say they suspect he was under the influence of narcotics. Murrysville's Police Chief is expected to hold a news conference about all of this tomorrow. In Murrysville, I'm Paul Martino, KDKA News.