Man arrested for assault after allegedly shoving cake in victim's face

Jan. 14—Sierra Marling

At approximately 4:10 p.m. on Jan. 5, the Richmond Police Department (RPD) were dispatched to the intersection of Fourth Street and Moberly in Richmond in regards to a potential domestic violence complaint.

An officer spoke with Joseph Callahan, an unhoused individual, who admitted to the officer that he had gotten into a verbal argument with the victim. The officer noticed Callahan had scratch marks and dried blood on his neck, but Callahan reportedly said those marks were from walking through weeds.

According to police documents, the victim told law enforcement that Callahan had injured her by shoving cake in her face and that the scratch marks on his neck were from her attempting to get away from him when he wouldn't get out of her face.

An officer documented cake and icing in the victim's hair as well as a red mark under her eye where she was allegedly struck by Callahan.

Callahan allegedly admitted to shoving cake in the victim's face but denied that there was a physical altercation.

Callahan was charged with fourth-degree assault.

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