Man Arrested For Bedford Explosion Was Out Of Jail After Previous Explosives Arrest

Nicholas Nelson was arrested in connection to an explosion in Bedford this week. He had been jailed and released in February for possessing components of an explosive in Hurst.

Video Transcript

- The man arrested for setting off an explosive device in Bedford this week is the same suspect arrested weeks ago, accused of building bombs in Hurst. As Jason Allen reports, investigators suspect Nicholas Nelson, who was also posting videos of his explosions online. [NO SPEECH]


JASON ALLEN: That explosive video posted on YouTube in December, investigators suspect was the work of Nicholas Nelson, the 37-year-old arrested in connection with an explosion in a drainage culvert this week in Bedford. That bomb went off while people were walking on the sidewalk and out on back porches, just feet from the road.

DON PALS: It was an unreal sound. I mean, I've been around stuff before but I jumped up and I hollered at the guy. I thought, you dumb fool.

JASON ALLEN: Witnesses told us this week investigators appeared to have an idea who they were looking for in the incident. That's likely because it was Nelson, who was arrested less than two miles away in February. They had a tip Nelson was making bombs in his apartment and posting about his work online.

NICHOLAS NELSON: It's a double base black powder that's milled down and we have some flash powder added to it to give a little extra oomph.

JASON ALLEN: Nelson was arrested and taken to jail in February but was released after three days, after posting an $8,500 bond for the explosives charge and a drug charge. Local police referred questions today to the FBI, which is working with investigators on the case. Bedford police did post a statement online, saying they're confident the explosion here was an isolated incident. In Bedford, Jason Allen, CBS 11 News.