Man Arrested In Brutal Attack On Asian Woman In New York City

Police said 38-year-old Brandon Elliot was apprehended in a hotel where he was staying that's being used as a homeless shelter.

Video Transcript

- Across America tonight, police arrested a suspect in the latest brutal attack on an Asian woman in New York. Video of the assault has generated outrage across the country, as the crime wave against Asian-Americans brings emotional calls for help. CBS 4's Nancy Chen has the latest.

DERMOT SHEA: This was a completely defenseless woman walking to church.

NANCY CHEN: The suspect arrested in this brazen attack on an Asian-American woman is 38-year-old Brandon Elliot, a paroled killer convicted of murdering his mother nearly 20 years ago. Elliot was living at a homeless shelter near New York's Times Square and is now charged with felony assault as a hate crime.

DERMOT SHEA: For the life of me, I don't understand why we are releasing or pushing people out of prison. Not to give them second chances, but to put them into homeless facilities or shelters, or in this case a hotel, and expect good outcomes.

NANCY CHEN: The 65-year-old victim is originally from the Philippines and was treated for serious injuries. Adding to the outrage is a security camera video showing workers in the nearby apartment building watching the attack and shutting the door rather than intervening. Police say they received no calls to 911.

BILL DE BLASIO: That was just horrifying to watch. You know, someone standing right there and turning away rather than trying some form of intervention.

NANCY CHEN: What happened here in New York is just one of thousands of crimes against Asian-Americans nationwide since the start of the pandemic. Police are promising more protection for the community. And Asian-American lawmakers are speaking out. New Jersey Democrat Andy Kim says the Asian-American community is rocked to the core.

ANDY KIM: We have so much love for this country. And it hurts so bad to feel excluded, to feel a constant sense of foreignness.

NANCY CHEN: The suspect in Monday's New York attack was released on parole in 2019. If convicted, he could face another 25 years in prison. Nancy Chen, CBS News, New York.