Man’s attack on ex-girlfriend, child and new boyfriend leaves neighbors shocked

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Octavious Rodgers is behind bars after police said he shot his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend, strangled her son and tried to kill her too.

Neighbors said tensions began to reach new heights in the last week.

Saturday, police said Rodgers showed up to his ex’s house with an AK-47-style rifle, fired it in the air, then walked up to this large window.

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Octavious Rodgers
Octavious Rodgers

An affidavit said he used the gun to shatter the window. The large shards of glass scattered down in the walkway.

“I had my nephew and niece in the backyard with me. I had them come in the house and get down on the ground,” a neighbor said.

When the first gunshot rang out and shattered glass hit the ground on Willow Woods Avenue on Saturday, this neighbor, who asked us to conceal his identity, gathered his family and ran for safety.

“I seen him beating on the window after he bust the rest of the windows out. Then he jumped in his truck and pulled off,” the neighbor said.

CLICK HERE FOR HELP: Domestic Violence Resources to support victims and families

Memphis Police said Rodgers shot up his ex-girlfriend’s house.

They said a few days earlier he strangled her 8-year-old son when he tried to defend his mother with a knife.

“If you’re choking a child out, you have a demon in you,” said Drip Manns, a neighbor.

But, he didn’t stop there, according to police.

Investigators said he drove over to his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s house on Paullus Avenue.

The police report said Rodger shot up that house, too. The proof, the bullet holes in this white Infinity and the shattered glass on the driver’s seat.

“I’m going to pray for him, the city, help, uplift him,” said Manns.

One of the many bullets hit the current boyfriend in the leg, police said. He’s recovering from his injury.

Rodgers faces second-degree attempted murder, five counts of aggravated assualt, child abuse and a laundry list of other charges.

Neighbors are relieved he is behind bars.

“It will give him an opportunity to get himself right,” said Manns.

Deborah Clubb is an advocate for domestic violence survivors. She said she’s all too familiar with stories like this.

“We need a more comprehensive, targeted approach to deal with those repeat offenders in the realm of intimate partner violence,” Clubb said.

Rodgers is facing a slew of aggravated assault charges for shooting at adults and kids, but only one attempted murder charge for shooting his ex’s boyfriend in the leg.

Clubb said that’s a problem.

“The presence of a gun pushes up the likelihood of a death by 500 percent. So, he’s been waving a red flag,” said Clubb.

As for the victim, Clubb commends her for ending the relationship and filing charges against Rodgers, despite his continued attacks.

“Ask all the trained agencies that are supposed to help to help. Do not let them stop responding to you,” said Clubb.

If you or someone you know is looking to escape a domestic violence situation click here or click on this link.

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