Man Bitten on Genitalia by Venomous Spider – TWICE!

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

A spider bite is bad enough, but imagine an arachnoid sinking it’s fangs into someone’s genitalia more than once on separate occasions!

A man from Sydney has been dubbed the “unluckiest man in Australia” as he was bitten by a redback spider on the genitalia, twice in the same year! The first bite happened in a portable toilet on a work site in April. The incident caused him to become diligent about checking for creepy crawly things before going to the bathroom, but it happened yet again on the same area of his body in September.

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“I was sitting on the toilet doing my business and just felt the sting that I felt the first time, I was like, ‘I can’t believe it happened again!’ I looked down and saw a few little legs come from around the rim,” the man reportedly said after the second spider attack on his goods.

The Australian spider is venomous, but not usually lethal. Effects of this type of spider’s venom include swelling and escalating pain. A serious bite, usually from the larger female spider, can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, abdominal or chest pain, generalized sweating and increased blood pressure.

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The Doctors recommend if you are bitten by spider and your symptoms intensify, please seek medical attention – and if you use a portable toilet in Australia, you might want to double check before you sit!