Man breaks world record by stacking five M&M’s

A 23-year-old British man broke the world record for most M&M’s stacked on top of each other.

Solihull resident Will Cutbill successfully created a stack of five M&M’s on Jan. 31, Guinness World Records announced June 4.

“One day in lockdown, I was mixing up my confectionary choice. Usually, I’m a chocolate bar type of guy, but this time the bag of M&M's called me, and, boy, am I glad they did,” Cutbill said.


The previous record was held jointly by Italian resident Silvio Sabba and Australian man Brendan Kelbie. Both were able to stack four M&M’s on top of each other.

“At first, it wasn’t very many until one day, I thought, 'Right, let’s crack this.' So I sat down very determined to complete it,” Cutbill said.

Guinness posted an Instagram video of Cutbill’s attempts to break the record.

“All right, this is going to be harder than I first thought,” he said at the start of the video.

In the beginning, he was able to stack two on top of each other, but the tower would crumble when he attempted a third.

As he progressed, Cutbill successfully topped the column with a third, eventually reaching four. However, when he tried to apply the fifth, the stack again fell apart.

After a few more attempts, he reached the fifth.

“Five M&M’s! Five M&M’s!” he exclaimed.

Months after he submitted his achievement for consideration, Guinness confirmed Cutbill’s record.

“This record took me an awful long time,” he said. “(Thank goodness we were in a lockdown). It takes time, but if you stick at it, you will find a way to do it."

The record for Smarties stacked on top of each other may be the next one Cutbill will attempt to break, Guinness suggested.


That record, set in 2017, towers at 64.

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