Man caught off guard by fiancée’s ‘insane’ wedding plans: ‘Not gonna happen’

A groom-to-be’s future mother-in-law crossed the line when she offended him and his family. He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to sort out how to handle things. It all started when his fiancée’s mother began changing things in the wedding. He didn’t like it much but went along to be a good sport. But when the woman insisted his sister could no longer be the flower girl, it was the last straw. “My fiancée and I already discussed and decided to have my 9-year-old sister be the flower girl,” he wrote. “She has mild cerebral palsy but she’s functioning” . his fiancée’s mom insisted they replace his sister with the mother-in-law’s niece. “She actually said she wasn’t sure how my sister will behave at the wedding and that we shouldn’t take a chance and just pick her niece instead”. “I told her no not gonna happen. My fiancée threw a fit and said I was overreacting.” Reddit users saw the behavior as a red flag. “A reasonable person would never ask for something so shallow and cruel and insane,” one user commented