Man Charged In Attempted Kidnapping, Assault Of 12-Year-Old Girl In Overlea Saturday, Police Say

Baltimore County Police detectives made an arrest in an attempted kidnapping and assault in Overlea, officials said Wednesday morning.

Video Transcript


RICK RITTER: Well, it is a crime that rocked a Baltimore County community and left parents on edge. Thanks for staying with WJZ, I'm Rick Ritter.

NICOLE BAKER: And I'm Nicole Baker. A man who police say tried to kidnap a young girl is now behind bars facing charges.

RICK RITTER: Investigators went door to door throughout the Overlea area desperate for any information and Rachael Cardin has the very latest on this investigation.

RACHAEL CARDIN: Terrifying thoughts running through the minds of residents walking along this section of Fullerton Avenue in Overlea.

ABIGAIL RYMER: I got kids, they can take them. I got siblings, they'll take my siblings. You never know.

RACHAEL CARDIN: On Saturday around 4:30 PM, a 12-year-old girl was almost abducted feet from Fullerton Elementary School. Police say she was just out on a walk.

DANIELLE MOORE: She was pulled into the vehicle, a struggle ensued, and at that point she was able to escape from the vehicle to flag down help.

RACHAEL CARDIN: The girl was treated for minor injuries that she had from the attack. She is now home recovering. Police canvassed the area, got a surveillance shot of the suspect and his vehicle, and have made an arrest; a relief to this community.

ABIGAIL RYMER: This is one more person that's off the streets and that can't hurt, take 12-year-old little girls and do whatever they do with them.

RICK RITTER: 24-year-old Jawuan Williams is charged with kidnapping and second degree assault. He's being held without bond. Abigail Rymer says her family will be more cautious.

ABIGAIL RYMER: I definitely don't want my little sister or them two sitting out the front yard. Like anyone can just come by and snatch them right up.

RACHAEL CARDIN: Police are not releasing a mug shot of Williams at this time because they say the investigation is ongoing.

NICOLE BAKER: Well that was Rachael Cardin reporting. Williams is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow afternoon.