Man Charged With Battery After Pushing Coach at Chicago Gym in Mask Dispute

A gym visitor in Edgewater, Illinois, was charged with battery after he was caught on tape shoving an employee during a confrontation about wearing a face mask on February 11.

Viral video shared by Leo Mikulich shows a man with a mask on his chin, later identified by police as Anthony Myers, shoving and berating coach Adrian Aguilar during a dispute that lasted hours, local media reported.

Myers faces misdemeanor charges of trespassing and battery, and is scheduled to appear in court on April 6, according to local news reports. Credit: Leo Mikulich via Storyful

Video Transcript



ANTHONY MYERS: Dude. Then I'll push you away.

ADRIAN AGUILAR: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Look dude, I do not want you near the other members.

ANTHONY MYERS: And I don't want you near me. If you would have just kept your [MUTED] mouth shut and not played games, I'd be working out and you'd be minding your own business. But you want to be a big guy and you want to play games.


ANTHONY MYERS: Sure. At least you're admitting it now. Well congratu[MUTED]lations. Don't [MUTED]. I don't put up with [MUTED]. I don't mind following the rules and keeping other people's health in mind. But I won't put [MUTED] with [MUTED]. You're a joke. You're a [MUTED] joke.


ANTHONY MYERS: So why are you standing here.

ADRIAN AGUILAR: Bro, I'm not--

ANTHONY MYERS: I've already said it. I'm not going to [MUTED] [INAUDIBLE].


ANTHONY MYERS: Yeah you can. I was right here.

BYSTANDER 2: You're pretty much verbally abusing us and threatening us right now, so--

ANTHONY MYERS: I tried to keep my mask on, if you were here earlier, and you weren't making assumptions.

BYSTANDER: I saw him going like this--

ANTHONY MYERS: Right now I'm talking-- Oh that was a smart comment. It was on when I was working out, it's down, because I'm dealing with you right now.

BYSTANDER 2: You're also the first person to go out for a touch, so--

BYSTANDER: Yeah, I got that on camera too.

ANTHONY MYERS: God, the world is so [MUTED] weird. Look at all these phones. Look at this. Look at you. The whole narrative. Everything is [MUTED] up. You're all [MUTED] up.

BYSTANDER 2: You're right. It's the world, not you.

ANTHONY MYERS: You know what I'm talking about, man. It's a joke.


ANTHONY MYERS: It's a joke. You're ruining [MUTED] everything. You are. You are.

BYSTANDER 2: There it goes.

ANTHONY MYERS: I don't know about you. I think you're just a wanna be still in high school, wanna to be a jock.

ADRIAN AGUILAR: I am Mexican, so I probably, I'm probably ruining--

ANTHONY MYERS: Oh you're Mexican. Great. It's not a racist thing. It's a liberal thing. Skin color doesn't mean [MUTED]. At all. I wish you guys knew that. It doesn't mean [MUTED]. Because how he's treating me, are based on assumptions, made on actions. Actions. Actions. Actions.

ADRIAN AGUILAR: Can I just say my favorite part is that they're just getting their reps in.


ADRIAN AGUILAR: These two are like--

ANTHONY MYERS: And I've been trying to get my reps in. I've been trying to do that and mind my own business. But you just feel the need to walk over here and position yourself right by me.


ANTHONY MYERS: Yeah. And why is that?

ADRIAN AGUILAR: Because I do not feel safe having you near other people.

ANTHONY MYERS: And why is that? What have I done to make you feel unsafe for all these people?

BYSTANDER: Well, it's a lethal pandemic, you're not wearing a mask. I was trying to work out right here. So go over there--

ANTHONY MYERS: Are you so [MUTED] stupid that what I say goes in and out?

BYSTANDER: What you say doesn't [INAUDIBLE]?

ANTHONY MYERS: It was on when I wasn't dealing with [MUTED] You're not going to do [MUTED]. Come on. Come on. I'm about to start ignoring you. Just [MUTED] go. Go over there. Go over there.

ADRIAN AGUILAR: Can you go over there so they can work out please?

ANTHONY MYERS: No. I'll go over there, when you go over there. It's always been that way.

ADRIAN AGUILAR: I'm not leaving here.

ANTHONY MYERS: Listen if I did want to do something, you wouldn't be able to do [MUTED]. That's the thing. That's why you're [MUTED] deluded. Because you're literally serving no purpose other than to raise the situation. That's what you're doing. If you had any kind of intelligence you would that that's not the smart thing to do. Because you're serving no purpose. Your physical prowess is not going to be effective at anything. What you're doing right now is not effective at anything. But what I am is a lawyer, and I'm going to sue the [MUTED] out of you.


ANTHONY MYERS: Great. So I hope at the end of the day, when I file this report and when I sue you guys that this was all worth it.



ADRIAN AGUILAR: And would you like to wait at the front door for the cops, or do you want to wait here? That's a real question.

ANTHONY MYERS: You know exactly. I'm not waiting here with you.

ADRIAN AGUILAR: [INAUDIBLE] The door's locked, so--

ANTHONY MYERS: I'm waiting anywhere with you. And if the door's locked, I guess you're going to have to walk on over there like you could've ten minutes ago. Yeah. Yeah. You like working at a gym?


ANTHONY MYERS: Yeah? I'm glad. I'm glad. It's a good fit for you.


ANTHONY MYERS: It's actually pretty hilarious this entire situation, with the words I'm you're coach.

ADRIAN AGUILAR: It is funny. I appreciate you all, by the way.

BYSTANDER: Thank you.

ANTHONY MYERS: They're not--