Man Charged With Kidnapping 4-Year-Old Girl In Jamaica Plain

Anthony Jackson will be held without bail pended an evaluation. WBZ-TV's Bill Shields reports.

Video Transcript

- Family members raced in to stop a man from kidnapping a four-year-old girl in Jamaica Plain. Police say it happened while the little girl was playing outside last night. WBZ's Bill Shields is live for us in Jamaica Plain tonight. Bill, just the terrible situation for that family.

BILL SHIELDS: Can you imagine? Dave, I mean, if you're the family, you know, it's a beautiful evening, you get your kids outside, everybody's having a good time, a stranger walks by and grabs that four-year-old girl. He dropped her but they chased him to right here. This is Gayhead street nearby. That started over there on Heath street they caught up with him here. And today, he was in court but this neighborhood was shaken.

It was a beautiful Sunday evening and a family in Jamaica Plain was outside when a stranger walking by suddenly picked up their four-year-old daughter and kissed her on the cheek. Police say 31-year-old Anthony Jackson then tried to walk away with the child. But the family chased him here on Gayhead street, caught up with him.

- Behind the door, please.

BILL SHIELDS: In court, Jackson stayed behind the door as a court psychologist outlined his mental illness. And a prosecutor spoke of other ongoing cases against Jackson, all involving exposing himself. Back here in Jamaica Plain, some residents were visibly upset with what happened Sunday.

ARANZA BERNADEL: So it's scary for a parent to have their child around the streets and then people like that out there.

BILL SHIELDS: And as for Jackson, he's being held right now pending an evaluation. But judging from what that court psychologist said, he's going to be spending time in Bridgewater and then probably back to Nashua street. Reporting live from JP, I'm Bill Shields, WBZ News. Back to you, guys.