Man Charged In Stabbing Death Of Good Samaritan Who Tried To Stop Attack On Teen

A Berwyn man has been charged in the stabbing death of Humberto Guzman, a good Samaritan who tried to stop an attack on a teen in a Berwyn grocery store Friday.

Video Transcript

- Charges tonight in two stabbings in west suburban Berwyn. 30-year-old Fernando Barrios is facing charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder.

It all began last night inside Valle's grocery store. Police say Barrios accused a teenage girl of cutting in front of him in line, then punched her and her mother. A store cashier, this man, good Samaritan 32-year-old Humberto Guzman, tried to intervene. Police say Barrios pulled out a knife and stabbed Guzman several times, killing him. Officers say Barrios then ran to an ally and stabbed 29-year-old Kevin Landau. Soon after, police arrested Barrios in a backyard not far away.

Landau was treated at a hospital and released.