Man City vs Watford LIVE: Premier League result and reaction after Gabriel Jesus scores four

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Follow live coverage as Manchester City host Watford in the Premier League hoping to continue their push for the title. The defending champions take on the Hornets on Saturday hoping to extend their lead at the top of the table to four points ahead of rivals Liverpool's derby against Everton on Sunday.

Manager Pep Guardiola insists this afternoon's match is so important to his side he has not yet had much time to think about next week's Champions League semi-final first-leg against Real Madrid. "I have had few, few thoughts about Madrid," he said. "Brighton (on Wednesday) and Watford were so important. Tomorrow at 5pm I will start to watch them."

The Hornets have lost their last 14 matches to the current Premier League leaders and not got the better of them since 1989. Boss Roy Hodgson has fared better in recent years, however, securing a memorable 3-2 win at the Etihad in 2018 and also holding City to a draw two years ago whilst in charge of Crystal Palace. Follow all the latest following the conclusion of Arsenal vs Manchester United:

Man City vs Watford Premier League updates

  • Manchester City host Watford in the Premier League

  • Gabriel Jesus puts City ahead before heading home second

  • Hassane Kamara pulls one back for Watford

  • Rodri restores two-goal advantage from range

  • Jesus wraps up hat-trick from spot before adding fourth

Manchester City FC 5 - 1 Watford FC

Manchester City 5-1 Watford, 88 mins

16:48 , Sarah Rendell

Cancelo has a shot but it’s an easy one for Foster to collect.

There’s a smile on Hodgson’s face despite this awful scoreline. Watford’s hopes of staying up aren’t ended by this result. They will play Burnley and then Everton which could see them stay in the top flight.

Cancelo again on the hunt but it goes wide. Sterling gets his team in another great position but Gealish can’t finish it off. The touch doesn’t have enough on it with Foster smothering the ball.

Manchester City 5-1 Watford, 83 mins

16:43 , Sarah Rendell

The game is slowed down by City but Zinchenko injects some life with a good cross but the final touch doesn’t connect.

Cathcart has been affective since coming on, always first to the ball when it gets in the box. Ngakia wins a free kick as he is fouled by Zinchenko.

Dennis takes the kick but it’s headed wide by Pedro, a great opportunity missed by the visitors.

Manchester City 5-1 Watford, 78 mins

16:38 , Sarah Rendell

As things stand Manchester City are now four points ahead of Liverpool with the Reds able to close the gap again tomorrow against Everton.

Kayembe is on for Watford as Hodgson makes more changes to his tired side. They have had to be on constant alert and in defensive mode.

Grealish wins a free kick and Mahrez looks to take it. His shot is hit to Jesus and is put in the box but Ngakia does well to clear it.

Manchester City 5-1 Watford, 73 mins

16:32 , Sarah Rendell

Cathcart and Pedro are both on for Watford as they look to stem the bleeding in this match.

Watching City keep the ball in the midfield is like a cat playing with a mouse. You know the killer blow is coming but they like to play around with their prey first.

The hosts are now looking for that sixth hit but Guardiola makes a change before they can. Mahrez is on for scorer Rodri.

Jesus gets a cross in for Sterling, the England international has had so many chances but he can’t quite get the last touch away.

Brentford vs Tottenham: Line-ups

16:32 , Michael Jones

Brentford XI: Raya, Roerslev, Jansson, Bech, Henry, Janelt, Jensen, Eriksen, Ghoddos, Mbuemo, Toney

Tottenham XI: Lloris, Royal, Romero, Dier, Davies, Sessegnon, Hojbjerg, Bentancur, Kulusevski, Son, Kane

Manchester City 5-1 Watford, 68 mins

16:28 , Sarah Rendell

City make another change as Laporte is off for Ake.

Just moments later Foster is forced to make a save as Gundogan looks to strike. Sissoko then heads away a corner but City are looking stronger by the minute.

Watford have a corner and it would save a few blushes if they could get another goal. They play it short and City deal with it, Cancelo clears but Kamara wrestles it back for Watford. Possession continues to exchange hands.

Manchester City 5-1 Watford, 63 mins

16:23 , Sarah Rendell

Ngakia stops a chance which Zinchenko could’ve slotted that home.

The only possession Watford are having is by thwarting more City chances. You have to feel for stars like Dennis, who has been their standout player this match.

Nagakia again read a play well, if he didn’t cut that pass out Sterling would have struck. City corner sees Rodri almost score the hosts’ sixth but it sails over the bar.

And there goes Dennis who gets a clean shot away which is saved well by Ederson. But if the shot did go in it wouldn’t have counted with the star offside.

Manchester City 5-1 Watford, 58 mins

16:18 , Sarah Rendell

Watford won’t win this but they need to be sharper before this turns embarrassing.

City are pulling all the strings and the little momentum Watford did have in the first half seems to have disappeared.

De Bruyne has been insane for his side today, doing all the work in the background but my word Jesus! Four goals before 55 minutes, breath-taking.

City make their first change as Gundogan comes on for De Bruyne - to huge applause from fans and his manager.

GOAL! Manchester City 5-1 Watford (Jesus, 53’)

16:14 , Sarah Rendell

Okay wow, goals are coming from nowhere now!

Jesus has his fourth after another perfect ball from De Bruyne. Watford are falling apart.

Manchester City 4-1 Watford, 53 mins

16:13 , Sarah Rendell

The game takes a while to get back underway as the officials try to fix the communication issues. The referee cannot hear the VAR hub.

City are again building from deep, they are controlling every area of this match. Their patience and perfect passes could see them make the scoreline horrendous for the visitors.

The hosts have a corner with De Bruyne taking the set piece once again. Sarr heads away but to a City player as the team look for their fifth.

The visitors manage to build their own attack but Fernandinho makes a great tackle to win the ball.

PENALTY! Manchester City 4-1 Watford (Jesus, 48’)

16:09 , Sarah Rendell

Jesus has his hat-trick!

After a delayed check from VAR as they cannot hear the hub, so they couldn’t go ahead with the penalty until that message was communicated.

The star slots it past Foster, the keeper hsi own demise as he is the one whose foul caused this.

Manchester City 3-1 Watford, 46 mins

16:06 , Sarah Rendell

A very quick update as 14 seconds into the second half Foster gives away a penalty with Jesus taken out!

Back underway! Manchester City 3-1 Watford

16:06 , Sarah Rendell

It’s mainly been a City party so far and Guardiola’s side will look to punish Watford in this second half.

The players are off in this second 45.

Half-time: Manchester City 3-1 Watford

15:48 , Sarah Rendell

Sterling had a chance and a Watford corner gave the visitors an opportunity but the half-time score remains 3-1.

City haven’t had all of the say in this opening 45 but it’s definitely their match after three impressive scores.

Jesus has a brace and Rodri scored to give the hosts a commanding lead. Kamara slotted home to keep Watford in this but the holders should close out this match.

Manchester City 3-1 Watford, 44 mins

15:44 , Sarah Rendell

The game has a slower pace as City look to close out this half after an impressive opening 45.

The hosts are building again here though with a long cross almost finding Cancelo on the far post, it goes just beyond him for a goal kick.

Cancelo fouls Cleverley and it ends with the City star booked.

Manchester City 3-1 Watford, 39 mins

15:39 , Sarah Rendell

De Bruyne is okay, he is up and back in the match.

That goal has deflated Watford’s balloon with the team getting a foot back into it after Kamara’s goal.

City are so patient, they go through the passes and individual skill to dance around the defenders is impressive. Jesus puts in a cracking cross for Sterling but it sails over the bar. Guardiola looks so frustrated that didn’t hit the back of the net.

GOAL! Manchester City 3-1 Watford (Rodri, 34’)

15:35 , Sarah Rendell

De Bruyne is down after he feeds Jesus, the ball comes back into the box and Rodri smashes it home!

All the momentum Watford have built disappates.

Manchester City 2-1 Watford, 32 mins

15:33 , Sarah Rendell

It was well worked from Watford, it started with great control from Louza and the team just went through the passes until they found Kamara. He took a touch and then eased it past Ederson.

City are now looking to hit back but Watford have gained confidence from that goal. De Bruyne fouls Dennis to give possession back.

A free kick is pingedinto the box and City only just manages to deal with it.

What a story it would be if Watford can get right back in this!

GOAL! Manchester City 2-1 Watford (Kamara, 28’)

15:30 , Sarah Rendell

That has come from nowhere!

A cracking cross from Dennis sees Kamara put Watford right back into this!

Manchester City 2-0 Watford, 28 mins

15:29 , Sarah Rendell

What a player De Bruyne is, that ball was the best you’ll see. Jesus couldn’t believe his luck, he hardly had to move to head home.

Now the Belgium international concedes a corner, Watford’s first, but it’s handled well by City who are now on the counter.

Sterling wins a free kick from Ngakia, it’s just inside the City half and De Bruyne is over the ball with Zinchenko. But it’s the Belgian who takes it. The ball pinballs and City have to build from deep.

Kabasele cuts a ball away from Grealish but City are on the charge again, it’s relentless from the holders.

GOAL! Manchester City 2-0 Watford (Jesus, 23’)

15:25 , Sarah Rendell

Cleverley does well to dispossess Sterling but it comes back out to De Bruyne.

It’s a pin point ball for Jesus who slams it home! What a team goal.

Manchester City 1-0 Watford, 23 mins

15:24 , Sarah Rendell

Chance after chance for City at the moment and it’s their final touches and Foster’s good work keeping them from doubling their lead.

Another corner for the hosts is sent in by De Bruyne but it ends in nothing. Laporte thought he was brought down but the ref says play on.

Dennis does so well to run around two defenders, he gets a pass away but it finds a City player. The Watford playmaker calls for a penalty but VAR looks and decides against.

Sterling has the latest opportunity for City but his cross is caught by Foster.

Manchester City 1-0 Watford, 18 mins

15:19 , Sarah Rendell

Foster does well to get to the ball before Jesus, City are just picking apart Watford’s defence. They are placing every pass and Sterling manages to dance around four defenders to get that cross in.

Again City are patient in their attack. No rushing. Just anticipating the chances will come and waiting for Watford to open up. This time Cancelo is the one to pounce with Foster making a cracking save.

Sterling wins a corner with De Bruyne the taker, again, he goes short but the hosts run the ball all the way back to their keeper.

Manchester City 1-0 Watford, 13 mins

15:14 , Sarah Rendell

Great work from Samir cuts out a cross from Cancelo as City easily pass the ball around, they have huge amounts of space to do what they want at the moment.

The great intercept did concede a corner with De Bruyne on the kick again. It’s headed away for another corner but this time Dennis does well.

Grealish fights for it back and gets it in the box but Fernandihno can’t get a clean shot away. This is one way traffic.

Louza’s sloppy pass sees another City corner with De Bruyne on it again, it’s headed away.

What a counter for Watford! It was almost a one-on-one with Dennis and Ederson but Zinchenko makes the metres and the tackle to stop the chance, a great defensive move!

Manchester City 1-0 Watford, 9 mins

15:10 , Sarah Rendell

City had retained possession ahead of that goal and were patient in their attack. Cancelo had pinged the ball into the box and it came out for Zinchenko who flicked it onto Jesus.

This could be a very long afternoon for Watford. Hodgson has never been relegated from the top flight but it is looking more and more likely he will be this season.

City have a corner and De Bruyne takes the set piece, Watford deal well with it and contain the threat.

Cleverley then cuts out a dangerous cross from Cancelo. Fernandihno gets a shot away but Foster collects well, it’s all City in these early stages.

GOAL! Manchester City 1-0 Watford (Jesus, 4’)

15:06 , Sarah Rendell

Well that didn’t take long did it?

Zinchenko gets a great cross in and Jesus gets a one touch finish.

Kick-off! Manchester City 0-0 Watford

15:01 , Sarah Rendell

So here we go!

Can City blow Watford away or can the visitors shock the defending champions?

Manchester City vs Watford

14:55 , Sarah Rendell

The teams have been out for warm-up and they will re-emerge on the pitch shortly for kick-off at 3pm.

The favourites are City but it will be interesting to see what the final score is. If Watford can keep the score down, or even hold City heading into half-time it will be a win.

But from City’s Brighton match earlier this weekend, you need to be alert for the full 90 or they will make you pay.

Manchester City vs Watford

14:50 , Sarah Rendell

We move from the Emirates to the Etihad now as table toppers Manchester City face off against Watford.

The team news is up with both managers revealing their starting XIs.

Pep Guardiola will be looking to extend his lead at the top of the table to thwart Liverpool who are chasing the defending champions.

City: Ederson, Cancelo, Dias, Laporte, Zinchenko, Rodrigo, Fernandinho (C), De Bruyne, Jesus, Grealish, Sterling.

Meanwhile Watford need a win to keep hopes of staying in the top flight alive. They are currently seven points away from safety.

Watford: Foster, Ngakia, Louza, King, Cleverley, Kamara, Sissoko, Samir, Sarr, Dennis, Kabasele.

Kick-off just ten minutes away.

Full-time: Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United

14:45 , Sarah Rendell

The match was an absolute thriller, especially in that fast-paced first half and we shouldn’t forget Ronaldo scored his 100th Premier League goal in the match.

But the Gunners just porved too much for United.

If you want to re-live any of the action, read Miguel Delaney’s report from the Emirates:

Arsenal best Manchester United to keep pace in top-four race

Full-time: Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United

14:41 , Sarah Rendell

Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka told BT Sport: ”I’m very happy for the three points. I’m happy I helped the team. It’s been a long time since I’ve scored.

“It was a 50/50 game in the second half. United were pressing us but we will take the three points.

“I like to score against United. I’m very happy. Arteta told us to take the fans with us and we did.”

Full-time: Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United

14:35 , Sarah Rendell

I still can’t believe Fernandes missed that penalty.

He ovethought it and tried to be too clever which saw him hit the post. Ramsdale had even gone the wrong way so if he put some power behind it, it would have brought United right back into the match.

Have a look at the shocker:

Full-time: Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United

14:31 , Sarah Rendell

What a season this has been for Mikel Arteta. People were calling for his head at the start of the campaign with an awful run of form but Arsenal displayed faith in their manager and he has paid them back.

It will be crucial for the Gunners to get back into European football after not qualifying for the first time in 25 years.

It’s a very different story at United who won’t take anything from this season. Is that due to them bringing in an interim manager instead of investing in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for the rest of the season? Maybe. But it’s a long road back for the club who dominated for so long.

Full-time: Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United

14:26 , Sarah Rendell

Arsenal have gone fourth with a huge 3-1 win over United.

Tavares and Saka saw the hosts take a good lead but Ronaldo halved the scoreline in the first half.

Fernandes missed a penalty in the second half and Ramsdale saved a great shot from Dalot. They soaked in the pressure and Xhaka sealed the result.

United will be lucky to get Champions League now witht he battle firmly between Arsenal and Spurs now.

Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United, 90 + 3 mins

14:24 , Sarah Rendell

Odegaard has been named Man of the Match with his work in the background helping his team to this famous victory.

Ronaldo gets a yellow for a challenge on Tomiyasu, the frustration even reaching their best player.

A good point for United is that their performance has been much better than what fans saw against Liverpool. While Arsenal supporters will be hugely encouraged by their continuation of good form after their win over Chelsea.

Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United, 90 +1 mins

14:22 , Sarah Rendell

Arsenal continue to close this game out, they are keeping the ball and maintaining the game in their half.

United do manage to build something with Ronaldo sending the ball in but they can’t get the last touch away.

There are fourminutes added as Tomiyasu makes he way onto the pitch with Cedric making way.

Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United, 85 mins

14:15 , Sarah Rendell

As things stand Arsenal are fourth with this win but Tottenham will play Brentford later where they will look to restore themselves in the Champions League qualification spot.

Ronaldo is still at the centre of United as he is almost on the end of a good cross but he’s just offside.

Yet more cards raining down on this match as Lindelof getting booked for a challenge on Nketiah.

Odegaard, who has had a cracking match, gets into a great position to feed the box but United smother the ball.

The visitors make yet another change as Fernandes comes off for Mata.

Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United, 80 mins

14:10 , Sarah Rendell

Matic fouls Nketiah and Arsenal have a goal kick and the cameras pan to the touchline as United look to make changes.

Lingard and Rashford will be called into action in the next break of play. Before they come on Fernandes is booked for a challenge on Tavares. VAR are checking the tackle, it’s a late one from the United player but he stays on the pitch.

The England internationals are called into action as Matic and Elanga come off.

McTominay goes down with Elneny getting a yellow card for the foul.

Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United, 75 mins

14:06 , Sarah Rendell

The VAR are checking to see if Nketiah was blocking De Gea’s eyeline in the build up to Xhaka’s hit. The check is over and the goal stands, it was such a great strike!

The Emirates have somehow got even louder after that goal.

Saka has signalled to come off as his thigh is giving him trouble. He’s been taken off for Holding, hopefully Saka’s injury doesn’t keep him out of action for the rest of the season.

If United don’t win here it would be their fourth away defeat, something that hasn’t happened since the 80/81 season.

GOAL! Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United (Xhaka, 70’)

14:02 , Sarah Rendell

A beautiful ball from Saka sees him thread the ball through two United defenders but no one is in the box to collect.

But the ball comes back out and Xhaka pounces. It slides through the United defence like butter. Wow, what a hit!

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United, 70 mins

14:00 , Sarah Rendell

United are screaming for an equaliser and their frustration at being held is shown with a scuffle between McTominay and Gabriel in the box.

There’s been a yellow card for Xhaka as he hits the ball into the stands, a silly one to give away. That is his 50th yellow card for Arsenal, a huge stat.

And another yellow card is handed out, this time for Tavares who pulls Elanga’s shirt. The BT Sport cameras are picking up United supporters on the mic with shouts of ‘get him off’. I don’t think we’re quite at a red card stage, yet.

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United, 65 mins

13:55 , Sarah Rendell

The VAR have confirmed the shot was offside, it was a lot tighter than I initially thought but his right leg strays offside.

Ronaldo goes down with injury but he is thankfully back on his feet. Cedric strays offside and so United are on the build again.

Ronaldo lays off the ball to Dalot who has a huge chance! Ramsdale manages to push it onto the post, so close! The visitors are edging closer to the equaliser but Arsenal are doing well to keep their lead.

The Gunners make the first changes as Smith Rowe is off for Martinelli.

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United, 60 mins

13:51 , Sarah Rendell

I am dumbfounded that he has missed that. The confidence the team showed in him to choose Fernandes over Ronaldo and then he overthinks and tries to be too clever!

Elanga has a shot shortly aftet the miss but Ramsdale does enough to thrwart it. He does concede a corner though. The ball is pinging around and eventually Tavares manages to get it away. United are still in possession and Ronaldo looked as though he scored but he was offside.

United are hungry to equalise here. VAR will check it but he is offside so this goal probbaly won’t stand.

PENALTY MISS! Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United

13:48 , Sarah Rendell

Surprisingly Fernandes is stepping up to take the kick over Ronaldo.

He’s had a howler! He hits it soft and it hits the post, Ronaldo goes over to comfort his teammate. How has he missed that?! Ramsdale goes the wrong way and he should’ve smashed that home.

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United, 55 mins

13:46 , Sarah Rendell

Nketiah creates a good opportunity for Tavares but the ball bends away from goal. The first chance of the half goes to nothing.

McTominay fouls Xhaka and Arsenal take a free kick. Xhaka curls the ball in but Telles heads away, it comes back out for Saka who’s chance goes wide.

The England international hit a boot getting that ball away but he has ran the pain off.

McTominay is in trouble again as he fouls Gabriel in his own half. Another long spell of Arsenal pressure ends at the feet of De Gea.

Now United have a free kick as White fouls Sancho. The ball is pinged around and it ends with a United corner.

Fernandes takes the kick and he awards a penalty as Tavares handballs!

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United, 50 mins

13:41 , Sarah Rendell

It’s been a slow start to the second half but Arsenal have had the lion share of possession.

A long spell with the ball ends with the Gunners running th eball out of play for a goal kick.

United are now looking to build but in the action Fernandes went down injured. He got back to his feet but he seems to be clutching his hip.

Back underway! Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United

13:36 , Sarah Rendell

The action at the Emirates is back underway.

Can Arsenal hold off United? Or will the visitors find a winner?

Half-time: Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United

13:30 , Sarah Rendell

Do you think this was a penalty?

Some people are saying it was soft but Telles does make contact with Saka in the box.

Have a look:

Half-time: Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United

13:22 , Sarah Rendell

Well what a half of football!

Tavares got the scoring underway with an early goal but United didn’t fade away after conceding.

They created chances but it was Arsenal who doubled their lead with a penalty from Saka.

But Ronaldo wasn’t going to let it be the Gunners having the only say as he hit a one touch finish to put United back into it. It was also the star’s 100th Premier League goal.

We are in for a huge second half. More of the same please!

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United, 45 + 3 mins

13:19 , Sarah Rendell

There’s five minutes added to this thrilling half.

Odegaard whips the ball in but it doesn’t find a teammate. The Gunners are seeing out this half with style, having the majority of possession and chances.

Ramsdale feels the pressure from Ronaldo as Cedric passes back to the keeper who’s clearance is sloppy.

Telles gets a great shot away and Ramsdale saves well. Cedric then kicks it out of play for a corner. Fernandes gets a shot away but Arsenal block and they counter.

Odegaard gets a shot away with De Gea forced to make a save! I can’t type fast enough to keep up with this, unbelievable bit of football.

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United, 44 mins

13:14 , Sarah Rendell

Elneny’s deft touch does enough to worry De Gea who pushes it wide for a corner.

Cedric takes the kick and the ball pinballs around the box. Saka hits it but it’s blocked by Elanga.

Sancho is having a good game and is a huge nuisance downt he left hand side. He has won a corner for the visitors with Fernandes the taker. Ramsdale has his eyes fixed on the ball and he collects. Odegaard was hit on the head in that exchange but the star is staying on the pitch.

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United, 39 mins

13:09 , Sarah Rendell

Ronaldo has been everywhere for United and it is fitting he’s the one to bring them back into this game.

There’s a break in play as Telles has gone down with an injury. He is back on his feet and will play on.

As play gets back underway Ramsdale makes a howler of a mistake again with a short pass. United almost pounces on it, what a moment that would have been!

Saka wins an Arsenal throw in but United force them back to halfway.

GOAL! Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United (Ronaldo, 34’)

13:05 , Sarah Rendell

What a moment for Ronaldo! Fernandes whips the ball in and Ronaldo takes a one touch finish.

His 100th Premier League goal.

PENALTY! Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United (Saka, 32’)

13:03 , Sarah Rendell

A lovely penalty from Saka, the team are jumping all over him! De Gea went the wrong way.

Telles has also been booked for protesting the penalty call.

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United, 30 mins

13:00 , Sarah Rendell

The goal has been chalked off.

I’m speechless, this came after Nketiah had an earlier chance which De Gea saved well.

Saka is taken down in the box and all the United players just stopped playing.

VAR have decided it’s offside but they are now checking to see if there’s a penalty with that Saka challenge by Telles.

It’s a penalty! What a horrible first half for United.

GOAL! Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United (Nketiah, 27’)

12:59 , Sarah Rendell

Oh my word, United have stopped as they thought there was a foul but Nketiah took his shot.

De Gea didn’t try to save it and it’s been given. VAR are checking to see if he’s offside but it looks okay.

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United, 25 mins

12:55 , Sarah Rendell

McTominary hits the deck after being fouled and they get a free kick on halfway.

Ronaldo again gets the ball in the path to make an opportunity but the bounce isn’t kind.

United aren’t sleeping as Sancho gets into the box and then he and Ronaldo call for a handball. It’s checked by VAR and a penalty isn’t given, pundits are convinced it was a handball.

Cedric gives the ball away with Sancho pouncing. It’s threaded through the players and Diallo hits a stunning ball which hits the woodwork. That would have been an absolute cracker!

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United, 20 mins

12:51 , Sarah Rendell

Sancho earns a corner with quick feet and Untied take it short. Fernandes looks to dink it into the box but his touch has too much on it.

How good is Nketiah? His dancing feet brings so much threat that Elanga fouls him to win a free kick just outside the box.

Odegaard takes it but it sails over the bar and so United look to create something fromt heir own half. Ronaldo gets a shot away, if he scores today he’ll bag his 100th Premier League score.

The forward is involved in all the good work from United so far, impeccable in the midfield.

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United, 15 mins

12:47 , Sarah Rendell

Arsenal keep the ball but they can’t get the final touch away to feed opportunities.

United are attempting to build from deep but De Gea’s kick ends up at Ramsdale’s feet.

What is up with United’s defence? Varane looks to clear but Nketiah intercepts and is almost through.

But just as Arsenal miss a chance, United run away with it with a fantastic Ronaldo pass feeding Elanga. VAR are looking to see if United should have a penalty with Tavares bringing him down in the box but it isn’t given.

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United, 10 mins

12:42 , Sarah Rendell

The Gunners have so much space in the midfield but United snatch the ball back.

Ronaldo gets the ball to Fernandes who feeds Elanga. Ramsdales makes a great save to stop an equaliser and concedes a corner.

The ball sails in with McTominay getting his head to it but he sends it wide. United haven’t fallen apart since conceding but this is all Arsenal at the moment.

There’s a break in play at seven minutes for Ronaldo, who sadly lost his son recently, and both sets of fans applaud the striker.

Arsenal supporters may have their hearts in their mouths as Saka is down injured, he looks in a lot of pain. I think he is staying on the pitch.

And as play gets back underway Ramsdale makes a huge error in a clearing kick but Fernandes can’t control the ball.

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United, 5 mins

12:36 , Sarah Rendell

United’s defence fell apart there with back passes missing its target Varane.

A shot came in but De Gea saved. However, the keeper couldn’t get back to also cover Tavares’ shot. Incredible start for Arsenal and a great moment for Tavares who scores his first Gunners goal.

United now in possession to try and get a foot into this match.

GOAL! Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United (Tavares, 3’)

12:34 , Sarah Rendell

Oh no United, the defence have had a howler and Tavares bounces after De Gea is forced to make a save.

What an awful start from the visitors.

Kick-off! Arsenal 0-0 Manchester United

12:31 , Sarah Rendell

Here we go then! Who will improve their chances of securing Champions League qualification?

We will soon find out as the players get underway at the Emirates.

Arsenal vs Manchester United

12:25 , Sarah Rendell

Both managers have been speaking to BT Sport ahead of the match.

Ralf Rangnick said: “We owe it to ourselves and our supoorters to show the best of us today.

“We [Rangnick and Ronaldo] spoke on the day when he returned to training. He said everything is well, I can play and train again.”

And on Maguire being dropped to the bench: “That [the bomb threat] is not the only reason. He has had a tough week that is why I have decided to give him a break today.”

While Mikel Arteta added: “That game [against Chelsea] is gone. United is where our focus is and we can play in front of our people.”

Arsenal vs Manchester United

12:20 , Sarah Rendell

Interim manager Ralf Rangnick has warned Manchester United need “open-heart surgery” if they are to kick on under successor Erik ten Hag.

Placed in interim charge following Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s exit in November, the highly-rated German coach has found it difficult to get a consistent tune out of the Red Devils’ stuttering stars.

Rangnick’s short-term focus comes with a long-term appreciation of what is needed for United, who may have made a “good choice” in appointing Ajax boss Ten Hag as permanent manager but still need to do much more.

“I’m pretty convinced that he’s the best possible coach that you could get right now,” the interim manager said.

Read the full story:

Manchester United need ‘open-heart surgery’, Ralf Rangnick claims

Arsenal vs Manchester United

12:10 , Sarah Rendell

Well what a cracking match we have on our hands this afternoon.

It’s a battle for the top four match with the Gunners just three points ahead of the Red Devils.

But it is Arsenal who will feel more confident heading into the fixture. They defeated Chelsea at Stamford Bridge earlier this week while United fell to a 4-0 loss to Liverpool.

Arsenal could temporarily move into fourth with a win over United as Tottenham are playing at 5.30pm.

It will put pressure on their rivals if they bag three points as Spurs would then have to defeat Brentford to reclaim the Champions League spot.

Everything will play out at the Emirates in 20 minutes time.

Arsenal vs Manchester United

11:59 , Ben Burrows

Ralf Rangnick will still be in charge of United for the remainder of the season as they look to usurp Arsenal in the battle for Champions League qualification.

Asked directly about Ten Hag’s appointment, Arteta added: “I think he’s been really good, what he did a couple of years ago in the Champions League, especially the way his teams play. It’s a Man United decision, there’s nothing more to say.

“For us there is no impact (on Saturday’s fixture), for them I don’t know what’s going to happen but for us nothing changes.”

 (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Arsenal vs Manchester United

11:53 , Ben Burrows

Pogba is one of a number of players that are set to leave during a summer of change that will be overseen by newly-appointed manager Ten Hag.

Edinson Cavani, Jesse Lingard and Juan Mata are others that are out of contract, while Nemanja Matic has already confirmed he is leaving.

There are also a number of frustrated peripheral figures at the club, including Eric Bailly.

The defender appears to be United’s fifth-choice centre-back and seemingly suggested on Instagram that he should play alongside Raphael Varane instead of Harry Maguire in Saturday’s Premier League match at Arsenal.

“I’m not on Instagram and I’m not communicating on Instagram, not at all,” Rangnick said.

“Listen, I’m not talking about my players now in the press conference not knowing what has happened. This doesn’t make sense.

“But I can only tell you, never in my life and I will not be part of Instagram, Facebook or whatever.

“If this is really true what you just told me, then I think it’s not the right sign. This should not happen in a football team, no matter in which league.”

Arsenal vs Manchester United

11:45 , Ben Burrows

Ralf Rangnick believes Paul Pogba has played his last match for Manchester United.

The 29-year-old came through the Old Trafford youth set-up and rejoined the club in 2016 following a successful stint at Juventus for a then world-record fee.

But Pogba’s return has not worked out how either party would want and the World Cup winner looks set to leave United this summer when his contract expires.

There is little sign of him agreeing a new deal, meaning the 10 minutes he managed before limping off with a calf injury in Tuesday’s 4-0 meek loss at Liverpool are likely to be his last for the club.

Rangnick says Pogba is facing a minimum of four weeks on the sidelines, which would bring an underwhelming period to a fitting conclusion.

“It doesn’t make sense right now (to talk about his characterisation as a player),” the interim boss said when asked if the midfielder was an enigma.

“He’s injured. He’s a player who won the World Cup with France. He’s such a good player that he was a regular starter for a team like France.

“We all know what kind of potential he has and what kind of good player he can be.

“But he was, quite like a few other players, just struggling to get his best performance sustainably on the pitch for a team like Manchester United.

“This was not only the case this season or in the last couple of weeks, as far as I remember this was also the case in earlier years.”

Paul Pogba went off injured at Anfield (PA Wire)
Paul Pogba went off injured at Anfield (PA Wire)

Arsenal vs Manchester United

11:35 , Ben Burrows

The Arsenal line-up sees Cedric coming in for Rob Holding at the back in the only change from the win over Chelsea on Wednesday.

Eddie Nketiah keeps his place up top after his two goals against the Blues.

For United, Cristiano Ronaldo comes back into the starting eleven up front in one of five changes.

Harry Maguire is on the bench as Raphael Varane comes into the back four alongside Alex Telles.

Jadon Sancho starts on the right-hand side with Marcus Rashford dropping out.

Arsenal vs Manchester United

11:33 , Ben Burrows

The team news is out.

Arsenal: Ramsdale, Cedric, White, Gabriel, Tavares, Elneny, Xhaka, Saka, Odegaard, Smith Rowe, Nketiah

Manchester United: De Gea, Dalot, Lindelof, Varane, Alex Telles, McTominay, Matic, Elanga, Bruno Fernandes, Sancho, Ronaldo

Arsenal vs Manchester United

11:25 , Ben Burrows

Team news on the way very shortly.

Alexandre Lacazette is expected to return for the hosts while Takehiro Tomiyasu could also be in contention.

For United, Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane are set to come back in. Under fire Harry Maguire is expected to start from the bench.

Arsenal vs Manchester United

11:20 , Ben Burrows

Interim manager Ralf Rangnick has warned Manchester United need “open-heart surgery” if they are to kick on under successor Erik ten Hag.

Placed in interim charge following Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s exit in November, the highly-rated German coach has found it difficult to get a consistent tune out of the Red Devils’ stuttering stars.

This period in the Old Trafford dugout has laid bare a number of issues to Rangnick, who knows a thing or two about building success having overseen the rise of RB Leipzig and sister club Red Bull Salzburg.

Rangnick’s short-term focus comes with a long-term appreciation of what is needed for United, who may have made a “good choice” in appointing Ajax boss Ten Hag as permanent manager but still need to do much more.

“I’m pretty convinced that he’s the best possible coach that you could get right now,” the interim manager said.

“All the other things, as sad as it is and as frustrating as it feels right now for everybody involved - and believe me, for me this is extremely, terribly frustrating because in the last 10 years, if not 15 years, we only experience success, myself also as a sporting director and as a football manager.

“But in football you’re not always on the bright side. Right now we’re on the other side.

“But the good thing about what happened, one of the very few good things, is that it’s crystal clear. It’s not that difficult (to see). You don’t even need glasses to analyse and to see where the problems are.

“So, now it’s only about how do we solve them? For me, it’s clear it’s not enough to do some little, minor amendments, some little issues here and there, some minor cosmetic things.

“No, in medicine you would see this is an operation at the open heart, so there are more things to be changed than some little things here and some minor things there, and this is the good thing.”

Arsenal vs Manchester United

11:13 , Ben Burrows

Mikel Arteta admits a part of him was wary of taking the Arsenal job as the spectre of Arsene Wenger continued to loom over the Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners host Manchester United today with the visitors having announced Erik ten Hag as their new manager on Thursday.

The Dutchman will become the fifth permanent manager to take the hot seat at Old Trafford since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013 when he leaves Ajax this summer.

Arsenal were in a similar position when Arsene Wenger stepped down following 22 years at the helm with Unai Emery, his initial replacement, sacked after less than two years in charge.

Arteta was next through the door, the former Arsenal captain winning the FA Cup in his first campaign, but he said a little part of him was still uncertain of following in Wenger’s footsteps.

“It did (cross my mind when taking the job),” he said.

“But it was tiny in comparison to the excitement and the opportunity that I saw to join this club and try to do what we all wanted to do, which is to get it back to where Arsene took it at the highest level and obviously that desire was much bigger than the worries of failure.”

Mikel Arteta, right, played under Arsene Wenger (PA Wire)
Mikel Arteta, right, played under Arsene Wenger (PA Wire)

Arsenal vs Manchester United

11:07 , Ben Burrows

Arsenal captain Alexandre Lacazette could return for today’s Premier League visit of Manchester United.

The striker is back in full training after testing positive for coronavirus but could find himself on the bench after his replacement Eddie Nketiah hit a brace in the 4-2 win at Chelsea.

Takehiro Tomiyasu (calf) is closing in on a return while Kieran Tierney (knee) and Thomas Partey (thigh) are long-term absentees.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane are set to return as United head to the Emirates without a number of other key players.

The pair missed the 4-0 loss at Liverpool and Scott McTominay is fit after only being included as an emergency substitute at Anfield, where Paul Pogba picked up a calf injury that is set to rule him out for the rest of the season.

Fred, Edinson Cavani and Luke Shaw are sidelined. Mason Greenwood remains suspended by the club.

Arsenal vs Manchester United

11:05 , Ben Burrows

Follow live updates as Arsenal face Manchester United in a match that could prove crucial in the Premier League top-four race.

The Gunners sit three points and a place above old rivals United in the table and will look to leapfrog Tottenham Hotspur and into the Champions League spots with a win at the Emirates.

Mikel Arteta’s side sparked new life into their campaign with a 4-2 away win at Chelsea on Wednesday, after a run of three defeats threatened to end their hopes.

United are now looking to produce a similar result, following their humiliating 4-0 defeat to Liverpool in midweek, and three points would get Ralf Rangnick’s side back in the race.

United have this week announced that Erik ten Hag will become the club’s next permanent manager at the end of the season and securing Champions League qualification would be a boost to the Dutchman’s project at Old Trafford.

The size of the task facing Ten Hag was made clear by United’s performance at Anfield and there will be a number of players in Rangnick’s squad who could now be fighting for their own futures at the club.

Both these teams have struggled for consistency in recent weeks and a draw would do little for either side, with Tottenham facing Brentford in tonight’s later game.