Man Claims The Voice Of God Pulled Him Back From The Void

Sun breaking through the clouds.
Sun breaking through the clouds.

A man who suffered a near-death experience (NDE), claims the emptiness of the void was threatening to extinguish him completely until he heard the “voice of God” pull him back from the brink.

When you enter the abyss which lies at the end of all things it’s usually a one-way ride, but a man simply known as Desmond H, had a get out of jail for free card courtesy of the Great God Almighty.

The Express reports that at the age of 15 Desmond nearly died and found himself in what he describes as “the dark place.”

Sharing his experiences of the afterlife with a group who record case-studies of NDEs and who is called the Near Death Research Foundation (NDERF), Desmond recalls how in 2014, he was undergoing aortic valve replacement surgery when he suffered an asthma attack on the operating table and clinically died.

Desmond said his spirit vacated his body and he remembers looking down on the surgeons operating upon him.

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