Man Climbs Art Museum Steps Few Months After Waking Up Paralyzed

Dan Koob reports.

Video Transcript

- The iconic art museum steps is a landmark in Philadelphia. For many though, the steps represent triumph over challenges thanks to Rocky in that famous movie. For a young man learning how to walk again, taking to those steps on the first day of spring means he's getting back to life. Our Dan Koob has Chase Friedman's emotional story.

DAN KOOB: Chase Friedman's 2021 could not have started worse.

- And when I woke up, I couldn't move or feel anything under my shoulders.

DAN KOOB: The LA native describes on his TikTok page a horrific incident while visiting a friend in Philly for New Year's-- waking up paralyzed after falling in a bathroom. Surgery stabilized him and a grueling rehab process begins.

- They said that I might not ever walk again. They said there was like a 50/50 chance.

DAN KOOB: Over the next 79 days, Chase continues to make significant progress.

- My main goal, the thing I just couldn't get out of my head, was to climb the Rocky steps.

DAN KOOB: Which brings us here, to the base of the art museum steps. On the first day of spring, Friedman climbs out of his wheelchair and starts ascending.

CHASE FRIEDMAN: And I look up halfway through and it's just-- everywhere I look is a person. I didn't even realize there was that crowd, initially. And it was just-- I don't know. It was insane. It was so overwhelming. I felt-- I felt all this love. It was-- it was great. It was incredible.

- Let's go, Chase! Let's go, Chase!

CHASE FRIEDMAN: I just pushed and pushed. And the only thing I ever worried about was getting better.

DAN KOOB: Friends, family and total strangers cheer as it takes Chase four minutes, 39 seconds to reach his Rocky moment.


CHASE FRIEDMAN: What's next? I'm going to Disneyland and we're skipping every line.

DAN KOOB: Dan Koob, "CBS 3 Eyewitness News."

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