Man detained at LAX and acused of opening emergency exit on Delta plane

A man was detained at Los Angeles International Airport after he was alleged to have opened an emergency exit door, triggering the emergency slide, Saturday morning.

The passenger, who was not publicly identified, opened the door to the Delta flight heading to Seattle as it was pushing away from the gate, Los Angeles Airport Police Capt. Karla Rodriguez said. Airport police contacted the FBI. It was unclear whether the man faces charges.

Delta Airlines confirmed the Saturday incident with an "unruly passenger" in a statement Sunday. The man was first detained by Delta staff members before police arrived.

Gillian Sheldon, a passenger who witnessed the incident, told NBC Los Angeles that the man was "clearly" agitated over something. A flight attendant came up to the man to tell him to return to his seat, but he turned to grab the flight door, Sheldon said.

"She said 'you cannot open the door' and grabbed him, and within two seconds he opened the door," Sheldon said.

The FBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Passengers got off the plane and were put on a new plane, Delta said.

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