Man Dies Aged 107, Thanked Red Wine For Long Life

Red wine has been credited with everything from preventing cancer to halting weight gain.

Now comes the news that a recently deceased man believed it helped him reach the age of 107.

Spaniard Antonio Docampo Garcia died last week after many years of refusing to drink water, preferring to guzzle his home-made red wine instead.

Antonio, of Vigo, north-western Spain, told friends and family that red wine was the secret to his long life.

While there is evidence to suggest that red wine can be good for our health, medics usually recommend a glass or two a day - whereas Antonio regularly drank three litres. 

According to Antonio’s son, Manuel Docampo Lopez, his dad usually drank a litre-and-a-half at lunchtime, and the same again at dinner. 

“I would watch him drink a litre-and-a-half all at once, and he never drank water,” Manuel said.

He added that he was also a fan of his father’s home-made red wine, and together they could get through more than 200 litres a month.

After fighting in the Spanish Civil War and coming close to death, Antonio retired from the army to become a wine grower. 

He dedicated the rest of his life to making wine, founding the company Bodegas Docampo.

While the majority of the wine produced was sold, Docampo made sure to keep a considerable amount for his own private consumption.

“If he produced 60,000 litres a year he would keep 3,000 litres for himself,” his nephew, Jeronimo Docampo, who now runs Bodegas Docampo, told local media.

As for those who told him to drink less, Antonio would say: “Give me another glass of wine so I can snore when I’m dead.”

We’ll drink to that.

Credit: CEN