Authorities identify man struck, killed by lightning on golf course

A 70-year-old man died after he was struck by lightning while on a New Jersey golf course on Wednesday afternoon.

Video Transcript

- For many, the storms came without warning. A sunny sky that all of a sudden produced fierce lightning. Things turned deadly for a man out on the golf course in South Jersey when he was struck by lightning. People near the core say it all happened so fast Action News reporter Bob Brooks has the details from West Hampton Township.

- Good evening. Tonight, we spoke with some neighbors who live here around the course. They say this storm blew through so quickly. In fact, they say it was still sunny out before the lightning struck.

It was a quiet in summer evening at the Burlington Country Club. Today just after 3:30, police say a golfer on the course was killed. He was struck by lightning in a storm. One described by neighbors that came out of nowhere.

- It was-- was bizarre.

- Norm Jones says he lives right by the course, and that the lightning storm that came through was very odd in that it didn't really look like one was coming through at all. So he could understand why golfers may have been caught off guard.

- It was sunny and thundering and lightning with the sun out.

- We also spoke with Curtis Warner. He says the same thing.

- In fact, I seen lightning before it even got dark. OK.

- Now according to West Hampton Township Police, the victim was found under a tree and detectives believe he was seeking shelter there. Police also say the tree was struck by the lightning bolt first and then the victim.

And we also have the radar images from the area when it happened. You can see a small but strong storm cell came through. And at the time, the golf course was located just on the edge of it. Neighbors like Jones aren't surprised to know that. Again, he says it happened with little warning.

- Usually when you thunder and lightning, you think the skies are dark and all. It wasn't. It was just sunny.

- OK. Now at this point, the police have not released the identity of the victim. We also reached out to the Burlington Country Club. However, at this point, they have no comment. Reporting in West Hampton Township, Bob Brooks for Action News at 10. on PHL 17.