Man discovers 'local' wing restaurant isn't what it appears to be

A TikTok user is going viral after discovering a “local” wing joint was actually just a Chili’s kitchen in disguise. The user, @goatbreakers, found a restaurant called It’s Just Wings while browsing options on DoorDash. Apparently it’s an attempt by the company that owns Chili’s to combat a lull in business during the pandemic. Well, it seems that TikTokers did not know the truth about It’s Just Wings — and they weren’t particularly happy to learn it. “Almost all of the restaurants in our area are doing this,” one user wrote. “People think they’re supporting ‘small local business’ and it’s big chains.. we were so sad”. Brinker International, the parent company of Chili’s, announced the launch of It’s Just Wings in June 2020. According to Restaurant Business Online, “Virtual restaurants got their start when services such as DoorDash approached operators about adding a particular product or menu line that consumers wanted”. “Places in those markets were encouraged to invent a name and pose as a full-fledged restaurant … instead of letting consumers know they were ordering from brands that were not readily associated with that selection”