This man’s dropkick during hapless break-in at NC store did not end well, video shows

Hayley Fowler
·2 min read

Surveillance cameras at a grocery store in rural North Carolina captured an ill-fated break-in attempt late Sunday involving a failed dropkick, a plastic chair and a rock.

Now law enforcement is searching for the would-be burglar.

The Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office in Western North Carolina shared a video Monday that showed someone attempting to get into Red Hill Grocery, a corner mart and gas station off of N.C. 226 in Bakersville. About 15,000 people live in Mitchell County, which is tucked between Asheville and Sugar Mountain.

In the more than four-minute video, a man wearing gray sweatpants with black stripes down the side, a dark sweatshirt, baseball cap and surgical mask is seen approaching the front door of Red Hill Grocery.

He immediately tried to kick down the door, the video shows.

When that failed, the man is seen exiting the frame and returning with a rock. He threw it repeatedly at the door, but each time it bounced off the glass and hit the ground.

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After four attempts, the video shows, the man went back to trying to kick the door in.

He spent the next several minutes rotating between kicking the door and half-heatedly chucking the rock at it. Surveillance footage from inside the store shared by Red Hill Grocery on Facebook shows the impact cracked the glass in several places — but it didn’t shatter.

The man eventually wanders away. This time when he returned, the video shows, he had a plastic chair.

He tried — unsuccessfully — to launch the chair at the door only to have it bounce back on the concrete. The man then kicked the door six more times before attempting a dropkick with both feet. He immediately hit the ground, the video shows.

The man appeared to chuck the rock one more time before something off-screen seemed to spook him and he took off running.

Red Hill Grocery said the incident happened around 11:45 p.m.

Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 828-688-9110. Red Hill Grocery also said people can send them a message on Facebook or call the store at 828-688-2801 and ask to speak with Kacie or Jerry.

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