Man enrages family after planning a ‘no kids’ birthday party: ‘Not everything is for kids, and that’s OK’

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A man doesn’t want any children at his birthday dinner, but his sister refuses to accept his request.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. For his 30th, he wanted to host a dinner at a restaurant with his friends and family, without any kids. Everyone agreed to the conditions except his sister. The issue is her kids are the most misbehaved of the entire bunch.

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“So I’m turning 30 this week and was planning my birthday for a while,” he explained. “I’m inviting my family and friends and have a table booked at a restaurant with Asian cuisine. I would like to keep it as adults only, simply so we don’t have to watch our language. And my friends’ and family’s kids are all younger than 8, so spicy/Asian food will not be suitable, and they will get bored.”

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“This all went well, and since the booking was for noon on a weekend, my friends didn’t have a problem leaving the kids with their partners. However, my sister demanded to know why I don’t want her kids at my birthday and refused to accept that it’s my birthday and the food is not suitable for kids.”

His sister’s kids tend to be disruptive at restaurants. But instead of disciplining the children, she argues with the servers and has even gotten kicked out of establishments because of it.

“I got annoyed and told her I would have considered having her kids around if she actually educated them instead of being on her phone,” he wrote. “Her youngest doesn’t have any manners and throws tantrums whenever the kid doesn’t like/get something. By tantrums, I mean screaming and crying for hours and up to throwing food or running at other guests or members of staff in public, while she keeps being on her phone.”

“My sister and part of my family called me an a******, and she said she won’t come to my birthday or talk to me until I realize what I said was wrong. My friends believe she is overreacting and are on my side since a lot of them have younger kids, and they behave a lot better.”

Redditors thought the poster’s conditions were fine.

“Not everything is for kids, and that’s OK,” a user said.

“If she doesn’t wanna accept the no kids rule, then she can stay at home with her unruly kids,” another said.

“Even if her kids were well-behaved, you would be in the right on insisting on an adults-only night,” someone commented.

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