Man enters plea, sentenced to probation in Lower Yoder standoff

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Jul. 19—A man charged following a February standoff in Lower Yoder Township was sentenced in Cambria County Court on Monday.

Randy Scott Spicher, 31, entered a guilty plea before Judge Tamara R. Bernstein and was sentenced to 24 months probation for the incident.

Spicher was intoxicated and had used a shotgun to blow out the window of a vehicle outside of a Lower Yoder Township home along Norton road and refused to surrender to police, forcing the evacuation of a neighbor's home, according to authorities at the time.

At the time, police said they could see Spicher walking back and forth, looking out the windows and opening and closing the blinds 10 times, but he refused to come out of the residence.

Bernstein noted that she was taking into consideration Spicher's past with drugs and alcohol as well as mental health including his numerous inpatient stays.

Spicher mentioned that his most recent inpatient rehabilitation visit was in October, when he last left prison.

He added that he is ready to stick to a treatment plan with his mental health and substance abuse.

"I'm tired of coming to jail and losing everything I have," Spicher said.

Spicher, who will be residing in South Fork upon release, was also ordered to have mental health and drug and alcohol assessments and to report to the Day Reporting Center or to some other type of treatment.

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