Man who faced life in prison could be sentenced up to 4 years after acquittal

Mar. 14—A man who faced life in prison now could be sentenced to up to four years after a Kern County jury acquitted him of multiple felonies, including two charges of attempted murder.

Jurors previously couldn't reach a verdict in an incident where a man was stabbed in Lost Hills and another was chased by a knife, according to the Kern County Public Defender's Office.

Prosecutors argued Herman Alvarado attacked the two men. However, jurors couldn't reach a verdict in Alvarado's first case and he was retried.

In the retrial, Deputy Public Defender Lexi Blythe proved a victim struck Alvarado with a broomstick and hit him so hard with it that it broke, according to Public Defender Peter Kang. Another man chased Alvarado with a log, Kang wrote in an email.

"Mr. Alvarado's case was egregiously overcharged," Blythe said in a statement. "It was scary that Mr. Alvarado was facing life in prison when he was only trying to defend himself. The jury was able to see through the allegations and realized that he acted in self-defense."

Alvarado was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and acquitted of five felonies such as battery on Friday.

Alvarado is due for sentencing April 11.