Man Faces 2 Counts Of Capital Murder For Allegedly Killing Mother, Sibling

Caroline Vandergriff reports from Allen.

Video Transcript

- First tonight, investigators say Barack Hazaar, the man accused of killing his mother and his sister, didn't have any kind of history with police. Our Caroline Vandergriff reports that Hazaar faces now two counts of capital murder.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: Neighbors say 51-year-old Ishel Borat lived in this Allen home for nearly a decade with her two kids, 20-year-old Barack Hazaar and 17-year-old Borzou Hazaar.

UDAY TUMMALA: We haven't seen anything unusual, right? Pretty much the same as other neighbors.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: Until Saturday morning when Allen police responded to a call for help.

UDAY TUMMALA: And the cops were-- and they had actually guns drawn, and they asked us to just go inside and stay inside.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: Investigators say that Hazaar's stepfather had come home and found the bodies of Borat and her daughter. They believe Barack Hazaar stabbed them to death. He was still at the house but left when his stepfather called police. Police say he took two different rideshares to the DFW airport where he had a flight booked to San Francisco. Barack hasaan biological father lives there and had bought the ticket for him a while back.

JOHN FELTY: At some point, he abandons the idea to get on the plane, probably to avoid capture. He's on DFW airport property. He makes his way to several different rental car locations. For whatever reason, he's unable to rent a car.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: That's when DFW police were able to arrest him.

UDAY TUMMALA: Yeah, you know you kind of see this in the news, but something that happened right next door, it's-- it's kind of shocking and very unsettling actually.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: Neighbors describe the family as a reserved, friendly, but not super outgoing. Borzou Hazaar was a student at Allen High School. Many of her classmates dropped off flowers in her memory at the family's home.

JOHN FELTY: Well apparently, she, it was a popular young lady, had a lot of friends.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: We're told a mosque in Richardson plans to hold a prayer for the two victims sometime tomorrow, and their bodies will be flown back to Turkey later this week. In Allen, I'm Caroline Vandergriff, "CBS 11 News".